Mannequin Challenge

November 25, 2016 Jonah King 0

by Jonah King  USFSP attempted an impromptu Mannequin Challenge after the South Florida All Stars: Dancing with the All Stars show. The result is featured below. We almost had it.


Slightly Warm Seat Podcast Ep 1: Miteau Francois

November 21, 2016 Jonah King 0

by Jonah King  In the debut episode of the Slightly Warm Seat Podcast, Jonah sits down with Miteau Francois, who runs his own clothing brand, Simply Steez. Miteau speaks on getting started in fashion design, building his own brand, fashion inspirations, and more. Watch the full interview in the video […]


PEERS Open Mic Night

November 16, 2016 Nick Perkins 0

by Nick Perkins USFSP PEERS put on an open mic night that allowed students to destress and express themselves. For a recap of the event, we’ve got a few performances for you below!


Improv Night at USFSP

November 15, 2016 Jonah King 0

by Jonah King  A special thanks to the Tampa Bay Improv team for putting on a hilarious performance at the USFSP Coquina Club. Enjoy this clip of one of their many funny skits below.  



November 15, 2016 Nick Perkins 0

by Nick Perkins Connect has a highlight reel of the first ever USFSP Chopped. In case you’re wondering, there were no fires sadly thankfully!

Campus Blog

A Real American Hero: John Lewis Visits USFSP

November 8, 2016 Jonah King 0

by Jonah King  Lewis speaks on the importance of voting, optimism in the face of fear, and endorses Charlie Crist Civil rights is a 9 word problem: “Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, I Have a Dream.” Those nine words are the universal American understanding of the civil rights movement of the […]