1. Get political

It may be difficult not to bring your political opinions to the dinner table. Especially with the drama involving the current administration and threat of nuclear war. But trust me, there’s nothing worse than arguing over politics when everyone else is just trying to dig into their mashed potatoes. Try and keep the conversations light this year, because if there’s anything worse than a dry Thanksgiving turkey, it’s an uncle who can’t stop talking about Medicare and the new tax plan. Even if you have to dig your fork into the table to stop yourself from debating, it’s better than the potential threat of a food fight breaking out or your mom giving you that look when you’re pushing the boundaries. You know the look I’m talking about. There doesn’t ever seem to be a middle-ground when talking politics, and because it’ll be between the family at the dinner table, all bets are off and insults will surely fly. So instead, just shove as much food into your mouth as possible, and save your energy for dessert.


 2. Be a vegan

I jokingly told my grandma that I was going vegan a couple days before Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure she was about to jump across the table and drown me in the sink that was simultaneously defrosting the turkey. If your Thanksgiving is anything like my family’s, grocery shopping happens a week in advance. I’m not saying a vegan thanksgiving would be the worst thing ever, but it’s certainly not traditional. Unless your family is vegetarian/ vegan, or considerate, for the matter, you’re probably prepared to come with your own dishes, because yes, there’s definitely four different types of cheeses in the macaroni dish and there’s meat in that… and that… and that.


 3. Lose your cool

We all have that aunt who we only see a couple times a year who asks the same questions every Thanksgiving. “So, are you seeing anyone? How’s school? What are you thinking of doing after graduation?” Well, I was wanting to sit and eat with the rest of the family but now I think I’ll take my plate to-go and eat in my room. It can be tempting to yell at her about how it’s insane for society to demand that 20-year-olds know what they will want out of life for the next 50 years… but don’t. Keep your cool. She’s gonna be on an episode of hoarders in a year anyway. These questions are to be expected. They come with any holiday territory. Just put on that half happy, half terrified smile for family occasions and answer any questions thrown at you. You can do this. And just like stopping yourself from getting too political, pile your plate with food and compliment it so much that no one can get a word in. Later, you can sneak a bottle of wine when all your relatives have left for the night.


All photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. All bad memes courtesy of Haley Jordan/Connect.


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