egg dyeing DIY

3 easy DIY egg-dyeing methods using ingredients already in your fridge

Let’s face it, food dye and vinegar are expensive, messy, and inefficient. If you are a college student you don’t need to waste your time, or your hard-earned hard-earned student loans, on these outdated and frankly boring techniques. Here’s a basic egg dyeing DIY using only ingredients you can find already in your fridge!

egg dyeing DIY

Don’t waste money, here’s an egg dyeing DIY for your Easter fun! Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

  1. Katchup

Never thought of this before? That’s because the Easter tycoons want your money. Instead of red food dye, bring a cup of ketchup to a boil with a half cup of olive oil on your stove or in your microwave. Let cool before soaking eggs. Remove eggs after five minutes and prepare for amazement! The innate texture of the ketchup will leave your eggs with tie-dye like spots and your friends wondering how you did it!


  1. Coffee

If you are in college, or just a human being, you have coffee grounds. You can even break open a K-cup if you wanna get fancy with it. For this method, you want to again boil or microwave the grounds, but this time you’ll want to use milk or a milk-substitute instead of oil. Once the mixture is boiling, turn down the heat and let it cool until it has a syrup-like texture. Your mixture will coat your eggs in an uneven layering that, when cooled, will look like marble cake!


  1. Jelly

This method is a bit unorthodox, but bear with me, the results are worth it. All you need to do for this trick is use some sun and your patience. The naturally vibrant color of your jelly does not need to be heated by any other method than good old nature. Leave your eggs out in a sunny spot submerged in your jelly for a minimum of five hours. When the sun heats the jelly, the eggshell will absorb the color and give you a horrible, sinking pot of old eggs. Throw them away. They are garbage and so are you.


Happy April Fool’s….


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