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The truth about traveling with bae

We have seen all the photos: the girl dragging the guy by the hand with a famous landmark in the background, the videos in tropical locations with upbeat pop music playing, and the kissing photos where they copy the pose of a statue. We can pretend to be annoyed by these couples all we want, but we all know that we would love to be doing that. But here’s a secret, the photos are a bunch of crap. I am not trying to be a hater. Those pictures are seriously cute. I even take them myself. However, those photos are not even close to an accurate display of what traveling with someone you love is truly like.

Adriana Maldonado and her husband stop to enjoy the view in Virginia. Photo courtesy of Bailey Mosley/Connect.

Adriana Maldonado and her husband stop to enjoy the view in Virginia. Photo courtesy of Bailey Mosley/Connect.

In fact, 99 percent of the time is not a spinning in circles under the Eiffel Tower moment.

The truth about traveling with bae

Consider the body functions.

Even if you live with your significant other already, chances are you aren’t living in a place the size of a hotel or hostel. Traveling in Mexico and coming back from dinner to a 300 square-foot room leaves a lot less room for “gases” to go. God bless if you’ve decided to do a cross-country road trip.

Showering becomes a pain too. If you aren’t a fan of someone using your things or hogging the bathroom, get ready for your patience to be tested.

Most likely, only one of you will remember to bring travel-size body wash. It will be only day 3 of your trip, and it’ll be empty. Or when someone fogs up the only mirror in the room 15 minutes before your dinner reservation.

It becomes a test of patience and a pet peeve picker. Frustration grows between the both of you, wondering what else they could possibly do to tick you off.

Beyond the body functions

If you can handle all of that, then you will discover a new side of the relationship. One that can only be discovered through traveling 24/7 with someone.

You develop a new-found closeness with this person who just experienced an incredible adventure with you.

You will discover little things about them that even they may not know. Like how she mumbles in her sleep or how he does a little wiggle when he gets dressed and looks in the mirror. You notice how their face lights up when they see that one landmark for the first time.

And you are the person they wanted to share each moment with. Sharing that moment and creating a memory only they understand fully. A photo says a thousand words, but your experience can never be fully captured.

Both of you learn a lot about each other on such an intimate level because you become comfortable being completely yourself. Whether they aggravate you or hog the covers, you experience a great new culture filled with so many new people. And better yet, you are the one person they wanted to spend their time with.

Flo Sablowski has traveled to multiple countries with his girlfriend. They both appreciate and take full advantage of being able to discover new places. Sablowski said the greatest thing is “being able to learn together about what the world has to offer. Learning how to behave outside of our comfort zone.”

Please take pictures! Make your way to the front of the line to get the photo at the Southern Most Point in Key West. Make memories. Just remember not the expect the entire experience to be a #RelationshipGoals moment.

So yes, seeing ‘that’ couple on Instagram can make you think they are completely together, happy and never farting in their sleep. However, that doesn’t compare to the raw and real relationship building that is gained through traveling with that special someone.

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