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Downward dogs as the sun goes down: Glow & Flow Night Yoga comes to USFSP

Fitness Week is upon us at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP). Campus Recreation began the fitness-filled week with Glow & Flow Night Yoga Monday evening.

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Glow & Flow Night Yoga was held on the University Student Center lawn and included glow sticks for every participant. As the sun went down, glow sticks and downward dogs commenced. Additionally, Campus Recreation gave out free t-shirts to all attendees.

Ensuring every yogi was comfortable, no matter their experience level, yoga teacher Jess Taing cultivated this fun and relaxing environment with ease.

The main goal of Fitness Week is to promote fitness and healthy stress releases for students leading up to finals.

Natalie Szocs, fitness coordinator for the Campus Recreation department, said it was a great way to promote what USFSP students pay for each semester.

“This is part of their student life fees and things that they can get involved in without having to pay extra and go anywhere else but campus,” Szocs said.

For more information

The rest of the Fitness Week events, as well as a list of classes and activities on campus, can be found here.

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All photos courtesy of Nikhil Johns.

This article was edited April 17, 2018 to correct Wellness Week to Fitness week.

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