Welcome USFSP! As you are moving into your dorms, check out these four clever dorm hacks that will help you organize your new place for less than $5.


  1. Erasable To Do list

To start, get a picture frame, print out a photo you’d like, (visually it works better with a simple design). Then get dry erase markers and write yourself notes. Voilà! You’ll never forget about another test.

  1.  Toothbrush/ bobby pin holder

This is by far my favorite hack. Buy a roll of magnetic tape and measure it around any container or cup you would like to use (I bought a candle holder). Cut the tape and stick it on. You now have a place to hold all those loose bobby pins that would otherwise clog your vacuum.



  1. No-Hole Picture frame holder

For this one, all you need is clear command strips and clothespins. Place the command strips on the back of the clothespins and press them against the wall for 30 seconds. Wait 30 minutes before hanging a photo on the clothes pins.

To hang larger items, check out the different command strip options. The maximum weight they hold is usually written on the box.



  1. Car Air Freshener

This is simplest of the four yet, but easily the most noticeable. You can use an air freshener meant for cars on your dorm air vent. This way you come home to the smell of “New Car” rather than your roommate’s shoes. You can thank me later.

Photos courtesy of Bailey Mosley/Connect.


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