Study tips so those grades don’t dip

Final’s week is approaching, meaning exams and projects galore are likely overtaking your life at the moment. Here are some study tips to keep your grades from doing the dip. Don’t stop eatin’ (to the tune of Journey’s “Don’t stop believing”) No seriously, please don’t stop eating. Stress can be all-consuming. For some, that means binge eating all the junk and for others, that means forgetting to eat all together. Try to fine-tune your diet over the next couple of weeks for optimum success. Make time to eat healthily. Balanced meals before studying and before taking exams are essential. Nourishing your body nourishes your mind and soul too, so be kind to your body over the next couple of weeks. After exams, meet your friends at the Tavern and celebrate by eating all the fried grouper sandwich you can handle, and drink a couple of beers while you’re at it (always in moderation of course).   Manage your time well Let’s face it, there are only so many hours in the day. Managing your time properly can be a make or break type of situation. Make list, set reminders on your phone, do what works best for you – and don’t decide last minute to try some new crazy way of keeping your time organized (i.e. don’t buy that $50 Rifle Paper Co. planner because you think it will alter your time tracking abilities). Stick to your tried and true methods. If you don’t have any methods and just prefer to wing it, maybe try a time management app like Evernote or Focus Booster. Another way to hone in on productivity is to observe what time of day you are most capable of focusing. For me, that’s 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.   Rest to find your zest While the coffee and lattes from the Campus Grind are delicious (also shout out to their delicious soups), let’s take it easy on the caffeine and be sure to get proper amounts of rest. Maintaining a regular sleeping habit, whatever that looks like for you, will help keep your mind sharp for test days and the long study sessions leading up to said tests.   Break it up, folks Studying for hours and hours on end will not only leave you feeling fatigued, it will also leave you a bit miserable. An article by MIT suggests building small brain breaks into your daily schedules, which is also a great idea for your cram schedules. Allowing your brain a little time to rejuvenate is sort of like taking a break between intense cardio sessions, let your body and mind catch up so you can take on the next section just as strong. MIT also suggests adding physical movement into your breaks and even throughout your study sessions. Even just getting up and moving around for a few minutes can help keep the blood flowin’.   Turn off your phone. Yeah, I said it Twitter trends, Instagram stories, Snapchats and of course, those non-stop Tinder notifications can cause major “SQUIRREL” moments. Do yourself a favor and shut off your phone for the duration of your study time. If your withdrawal symptoms are too intense, turn it back on during your break sessions. Just remember, you got this! Exams are hard, college is harder, but thousands of people are doing it right alongside you. Embrace the power of positivity, and these tips of course, and you should be just fine.