The semester is finally over and if you’ve got any sense, you saved up your cents to take an awesome vacation this summer. Whether you’re going overseas or to another state, this packing list will be your guide to a less miserable flight. Please enjoy this list of things to bring on flights, and comment below if we forgot your favorite flight hack.

Photo and meme courtesy of Haley Jordan/Connect.

1. The Trtl neck pillow

Yes, you will look weird, but you will also skip the battle and awkward disposition of a standard airplane neck pillow. There’s nothing like getting off a flight and having a stiff neck. There is also nothing quite like battling with that U-shaped pillow of doom. Do yourself a favor, and invest in this gem.  

2. Headphones

The children are screaming, the service is slow (be nice, there’s at least 150 of you and only three to five flight attendants), the drunk person is babbling and the old ladies snoring. Don’t forget your headphones or you’ll be forced to endure the sensory insanity that occurs on a flight. Planes these days give out the cheap-o earbuds for free, but let’s be real, you need noise blocking legitimate headphones to withstand this crowd. Oh, and if you don’t like to be talked to by a stranger, it lets them know to leave you alone.

Photo and meme courtesy of Haley Jordan/Connect.

3. A book

Let’s say the music, in-flight entertainment and your friendly neighbor still aren’t enough to keep you entertained, a book can do just that. Grab a stellar self-help book (the digital copy of this one is free if you have Prime) or an old copy of Harry Potter and get your nerd on. Reading is good for your brain and passes time.

4. Snacks

For some reason, we all believe that we can’t bring our own snacks through security, probably due to the no liquid rule. 

Photo and meme courtesy of Haley Jordan/Connect.


5. Travel Socket Converter

Most foreign countries use different outlet systems so pick up a travel converter to plug in with. And of course, don’t forget your phone charger, DUH.

6. A water bottle

You can actually bring a water bottle through security empty and then fill it up later. Save some money during your travels and skip the $5 plastic bottles that are bad for the environment. Be sure to do your research though if you’re traveling overseas. Many countries use different chemicals to treat their water and you don’t want to end up spending your precious vacay time behind the doors of the commode if you know what I mean, which brings us to our next tip.

Photo and meme courtesy of Haley Jordan/Connect.

7. Medicine

Don’t forget your meds people. It’s a good idea to pack a couple Pepto, non-drowsy, anti-nausea, etc. especially if you’re traveling to a more rural area where these things may be hard to come by. And of course, if you take prescription meds on the regular, be sure to pack enough for the duration of your stay plus a few extras, just in case.

8. Important documents

Always have printed copies of your driver’s license, passport, flight information, etc. You never know when that handy-dandy iPhone is going to crash or whether or not foreign countries will have free Wi-Fi. Vacation should be fun and getting stranded because you lost your only form of identification will surely put a damper on the festivities.

Photo and meme courtesy of Haley Jordan/Connect.




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