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Jordan Esker & the Hundred Percent perform for USFSP

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After releasing his debut album “Best Supporting Actor,” Jordan (vocals/guitar/keys) formed the Hundred Percent, consisting of Vincent (drums/vocals), who has sung and played in various projects with Jordan since age 13, Matt (keys/vocals), and Emmit (bass).

While known for the somber and serious tone set with his debut album “Best Supporting Actor”, Jordan Esker & the Hundred Percent have the live presence of four brothers egging each other on. “Fail to Learn” reflects the nature of each member and is consequently brighter and has a more positive attitude. With pit stops at 70s yacht rock, modern gospel, 60s wall of sound, and experimental noise, the band maintains their emo/soul status and cranks the organ, saw synths, heavy drums, and clustered guitar chords to drive ever further into what future American heartland rock will sound like.

They’ve toured multiple times through the southeast, performed on 88.5 WMNF, and have been repeatedly featured in Creative Loafing.

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