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Little-known careers in your major: Criminology and English

Picking a major can be daunting. Considering all the career choices that accompany it seems impossible. Below is the start of Connect’s newest series exploring little-knowns careers for each major. 

Graphic courtesy of Haley Jordan/Connect.

Graphic courtesy of Haley Jordan/Connect.


Most students working toward a degree in criminology may have their hearts set on becoming a criminologist, crime analyst, police officer, detective or private investigator. Although those are the most leading jobs in the field, there are other routes a professional can take. Criminology focuses on crime from a scientific and sociological perspective. The goals are to understand root causes of criminal behavior, improve the criminal rehabilitation system, solve cases and prevent crime. Within that cloud, there are also careers as a polygraph examiner or a fraud investigator.

Polygraph Examiner

A polygraph examiner administers lie detector tests using a variety of devices and tools to measure sweat gland, respiratory and cardiovascular levels. These professionals determine whether or not a person is being truthful during an examination.

Additionally, a polygraph examiner can work independently or contracted with criminal investigative entities, intelligence services or public law enforcement agencies. According to The Balance Careers, the average salary of a polygraph examiner is $56,000, but it can increase depending on experience, location and employer.

Fraud Investigator

The job of a fraud investigator, like a polygraph examiner, is to determine truthfulness. Fraud investigators are required to prove the legitimacy of all parties involved in a claim. Insurance fraud ranges from banking to medical, homeowner or automotive insurance. To successfully complete a case, a fraud investigator must conduct good research and, in most cases, follow and observe people to gather evidence.

According to Business Insurance, the most common types of insurance fraud include stolen cars, car damage, car accidents, health insurance billing, staged home fires, unnecessary medical procedures and faked deaths. The national average salary of a fraud investigator according to Glassdoor is $45,000.



USFSP offers two concentrations for a bachelor’s in English: literature and writing studies with the option of obtaining a certificate in creative writing when completing additional credits. No matter the path, students will gain written and oral communication skills, learn to deeply examine text and spoken language, define an audience, form arguments, present ideas and conduct research.

These are critical skills for many jobs and it doesn’t have to include teaching, becoming an author, editor or a journalist. Furthermore, English majors can also go into other fields that include advertising and marketing.


Advertising is a creative industry that intertwines design and communication to evoke specific emotions, entertain, visually appeal and ultimately influence society. Under the advertising umbrella is a copywriting career. Copywriters are required to visualize and work alongside designers and art directors. They create advertisements for different mediums such as billboards, magazines, digital platforms, tv, etc. It’s a fast-paced and competitive career with an average salary of $71,000 a year according to Glassdoor.  

Content Strategist

Copywriters must be visual people who can work alongside designers and artists. Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.

Copywriters must be visual people who can work alongside designers and artists. Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.

A career as a content strategist is also creative; however, it’s more on the technical side. Professionals in this field design the layout of a website and all of the website’s content. They must fully understand the subject, audience and terminology associated with the website in order for it to be successful. This is a fairly new field that has risen from the digital era and still growing. According to Glassdoor, a content strategist in the United States makes an average salary of $73,000.

However, don’t confuse this career with that of a content writer who is only responsible for the written content on a website. A content writer makes $48,000 annually.

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