As the new school year gets into full swing, I have already come to a major realization: the second year of college is vastly different from the first. For some, the second year of college determines whether you can advance in your intended major whether through a portfolio review or a through a series of grammar tests. Here are five reasons why the second year of college might be a struggle.


  1. The decision of declaring a major this year

Many of us starting our second year spent the last year taking general education courses to fulfill our requirements and didn’t spend much time taking classes in our intended major. As the second year starts, many students have started taking more classes in the major that they have chosen. By the end of this year, a decision to declare a major is expected, which can be very stressful.

  1. You feel like you should fit in more than you did before

Second year students have the advantage of knowing the campus more than we did the year before. With that thought, the idea that we should fit in more comes to our minds. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It can be unsettling to know that you might not know your new home as well as you would like.

  1.   Friendships don’t seem as solid as they once were

In the months between the end of spring semester and the beginning of fall semester, friendships that were made the year prior might become weaker. Whether it’s from the lack of communication in this time or the dwindling free time, some friendships lose their spark. Often the test of time proves it wasn’t meant to be.

  1.   The first year excitement is gone

           Stepping onto campus last year was essentially like stepping into a whole new world, and the possibilities seem to be endless. Coming back this year, the magic seemed to fade. The reality of what the beginning of the school year entails seems to hit much quicker than before, and the first week seems more tiring than before.

  1.      The balancing act steps up a notch

           With the start of another school year comes the start of juggling a social life, maintaining a good academic standing and, if you have a job, being a good employee. The second year of school usually comes along with a more rigorous course load, and the balance that you had the year before might not work this year. Thus begins the journey of finding the perfect balance all over again.  

The second year of college has brought forth some obstacles. Although, on the bright side, graduation is now one year closer.  

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