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5 websites to save big on textbooks

Don’t break the bank on textbooks before checking out these alternative textbook websites. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Cheap! Cheap! That’s not a bird, it’s the spring semester. The cost of college textbooks can be expensive and when you’re taking three or four courses, the dollar signs add up quickly. However, the internet (and Connect) is here to help your wallet stay fat this semester. Here’s a list of a couple sites with cheap (some even free) textbooks.

1. AbeBooks offers amazing deals on new and used textbooks. If you google search “Abebooks coupons” you may find some additional discount codes to use. They even have quick delivery times if your the type to procrastinate. This is also a great place to resell textbooks and make back some cash.


This site offers tons of textbooks for core courses. Its prices are great, however, some customers have left negative reviews about selling textbooks on their site, so do like your sketchy neighbor and sell with caution.


This site offers free PDF textbooks. This site is sent from heaven to bless us with free PDF versions of textbooks. However, it is usually older versions of books but always worth checking to see if yours is there.  


This is a great alternate free PDF textbook site. Use this site if you can’t find what you’re looking for on textbooknova. If you are having issues using this site, use a proxy.

5. Amazon Books

If you are a prime member, you’ll love this. With textbooks delivered to your door as early as the day you order them. They sell used textbooks at a better price and new textbooks at their lowest price. For those who are not in a rush, select lowest price available and free shipping (instead of the prime option) and get your books for even cheaper.



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