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7 Tips to Help Get You Through Finals and the Holiday Season

Since the upcoming holidays coincide with the end of fall semester, members of Pride Club at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg hosted an event to help students combat the stress of finals and ‘fa-la-la-la-las.’

Buttons on display courtesy of USFSP Pride Club. Photo by Kiara Soriano

Buttons on display courtesy of USFSP Pride Club. Photo by Kiara Soriano

Among teabags, buttons and bags of positive affirmations, Pride Club handed out a list entitled “Tips ‘n’ Tricks for Anxiety and Depression.” Here are seven helpful tips to remember when dealing with end of semester and holiday stressors.

1. Take a deep breath

This may seem too simple, but sometimes, simple works best. This tip can be applied in any stressful or anxiety producing situation, and breathing is a good place to start in such moments.

2. Write down your thoughts

Keeping a journal of thoughts and feelings as you are experiencing them can lead to an almost instant sense of relief. Just make sure that however you choose to offload, the information stays secure and private.

3. Make stressors fun.

Although this tip seems pretty self-explanatory, the list gave a couple of examples on how to do this. For example: hide positive notes around your stress-inducing environment that only you know about.

4. Stay hydrated

Proper hydration is something that is easy to forget about, especially when experiencing anxiety or depression, but it is essential and an easy way to take care of yourself. 

5. Use positive self-talk

Many may find this challenging, especially at low points. Still, it is important to consciously make the effort to focus on positivity rather than letting negativity consume you.

6. Reach out to others

Confiding in people that you trust can be a huge help. Build up your support systems and maintain them even over long distances through texting or phone calls. Stay connected to those who care about you.

7. Sleep

Rounding out the list with another simple tip, the importance of sleep can not be overstated, especially in times of stress. A minimum of six hours a night is recommended. Not napping during the day or drinking too much caffeine can help.

Vice president of Pride Club and compiler of the list,  Samantha Bryan, said she wanted “to create an event where people had the chance to learn how to create healthy habits when they’re not in a healthy environment.” Thanks to her efforts and those of her club members, we can all benefit from these handy tips as we enter this busy time.

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