7 ways to save on food while traveling

The app “Roaming Hunger” tells you where nearby food trucks are and allows you to filter what type of food you are looking for. Photo courtesy of Bailey Mosley/Connect.

Tasting a foreign place’s food is a huge part of experiencing their culture. Who could imagine going to Belgium and not getting a waffle or Philly without getting a Philly? There are tourist traps everywhere in big cities, and if you do not plan ahead, you will fall for them and their prices.

No one loves to eat more than I do, but you do not need to break the bank feeding your pie hole. Here are some ways to cut down on the price of foods.

1. Food trucks

Food trucks have taken the food industry by storm and are a very affordable way to eat some delicious foods. The app “Roaming Hunger” tells you where food trucks are around you. The app also allows you to see which food trucks have good reviews, and you can filter trucks based on your preferences such as vegetarian, BBQ, etc.

2. Breakfast: the most important meal of the day

Do not start your day without eating breakfast. Check if your hotel or hostel has a complimentary breakfast. If not, check out a local supermarket and pick up something convenient like bagels and cream cheese. It will be much cheaper than eating out for breakfast, and you’ll stay full throughout the day.

3. Groupon

Check out Groupon’s deals. Groupon is internationally known and used. Groupon has amazing discounts that will allow you to enjoy local restaurants and get a real taste of the local flavor. Groupon also offers a new option where you can sign up for free with your credit card to get cash back on participating restaurants.

Lunch and brunch specials can save you a lot of money while traveling. Photo courtesy of Bailey Mosley/Connect.

4. Early bird special

Not just a deal for old people anymore! Finding an early bird special or eating during lunchtime specials will save you a TON of money.

5. Reusable water bottle

When you are walking around a new area for hours you will be glad you brought a reusable water bottle. The amount you would typically spend on plastic water bottles during a trip really adds up. It is a win for your wallet and a win for the environment!

6. Ask around

Talk to locals like bartenders or baristas. Most likely, they will fill you in on the best and cheapest local places. This will help you avoid tourist-trap restaurant prices.

7. Happy Hour

Local happy hour prices will help you drink it up without breaking the bank. You can easily look up happy hours for restaurants nearby or refer back to #6, and ask around. No one knows the cheapest way to get drunk like a local does.

Don’t be afraid to talk to locals to learn the best, and best-priced, places to eat. Photo courtesy of Bailey Mosley/Connect.


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