A letter to USFSP Students from the staff of Connect

In response to the tragedy in Las Vegas:

There are no words to convey the sadness and despair we feel over yet another attack on our nation. With the continual trend of mass violence happening throughout our communities, we wanted to take this moment to offer hope, thoughts, and comfort.

We are still mending ourselves over the natural disasters that occurred in Puerto Rico, Texas, and parts of Florida, and are still experiencing disbelief over last year’s attack in Orlando. With other mass shootings like the Manchester attack, Sandy Hook, and the Charleston massacre, our daily lives have been increasingly impacted by anger, hatred, bigotry, racism, and retribution on levels difficult to understand.

Our job at Connect is to facilitate students’ experiences through digital media and text. At the same time, we are students, and we want to express our own experiences today as we think about the safety of our own campus. 

Over the past few months, our University staff under Student Affairs have been working with the University Police on training and workshops in preparation for protests or violence against students. Our police department is also making sure to continue enhancing safety and security protocols. However, it is important that everyone participates in maintaining the safety of our campus, in more ways than one. If you are alerted to a student or outside community member with intentions of harming anyone on this campus, please contact the University Police. If you see something, say something.

Along with the efforts of the university, we at Connect see these instances as an opportunity, and duty, to foster the sense of togetherness that lives in our community. These types of tragic events hurt us as human beings and remind us of our own humanity. We at Connect would like to encourage you all to respect one another, to recognize the invaluable and fragile thing that is human life. Care for those around you. Reach out to those in need. Treat those in our community everyday with the perspective gained on this day. 

Our thoughts are with those affected and their families.


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