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An Approaching Hurricane Wouldn’t Stop 2 Chainz as he Performs USF Homecoming

by Jonah King with photos by Jessie Santero



by Jessie Santero

According to 2 Chainz, the love of performing got him to make the trek down south in the midst of an impending hurricane primed to sweep through Florida’s east coast. Luckily for those of us at USF, the hurricane didn’t majorly effect Florida’s west coast and 2 Chainz would perform as scheduled.

A day before the homecoming concert, an article was published in USF’s newspaper, The Oracle, detailing some of the requests 2 Chainz made as a part of his hospitality rider. According to the report, 2 Chainz’s requests included: two gallons of lemonade, two liters of vodka, two bottles of Moet Rose Champagne, two bottles of Tequila, a platter of chicken wings, and of course some Louisiana Hot Sauce because you can’t enjoy wings without hot sauce.

Sadly, according to the report, USF negotiated the contract down to ‘basic’ items, which come on USF, I hope you can at least get this man a plate of wings. Anyway, onto the important stuff.

Dreezy was listed as the opener for the Homecoming show, but her performance came off as more of a double feature as she did a myriad of songs and rapped most of them.


by Jonah King

The highlight from Dreezy’s show occurred when she called for two girls from the crowd to come dance onstage with her. One girl danced calmly and rhythmically. The other girl twerked with authority. For impromptu backup dance action, both girls performed admirably.

Dreezy finished her set on her hit song “Body”. She was donned in a custom basketball jersey.

2 Chainz meanwhile, an hour and a half later, came out in a “strip club” veterans jacket with matching hat.


by Jonah King

He warmed up the crowd by playing some of his earlier tunes when his moniker was still ‘Tity Boi’. He also played another old hit “Riot”, backed by a heavy EDM beat.

The biggest pops from the crowd came when 2 Chainz did his verse on Chance the Rapper’s “Problem”, and when he played his radio smashes, “I’m Different” and his recent hit “Watch Out”.

I would give this show 2 out of 2 chains.

(video by Jonah King)


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(photos by Jonah King)


(photos by Jessie Santero)


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