HAB’s Karaoke Night


by Warren Buchholz  

It’s not often that I can walk into karaoke night and find that the entire room is not only sober but also having fun. Not to mention I’ve been dragged to quite a few karaoke nights at some insatiable and sordid joints (I’m saucer-eyed at you, Tampa), so walking into HAB’s karaoke night was a refreshing change of pace.

The set-up was cool with a projector behind the singer(s) for the audience’s entertainment privy to whatever was playing and one in front so the singer(s) could see the lyrics as they sung. And, man, did these folks sing. The best part of any karaoke night is that everyone in the room knows why they are there, so no judgment is ever passed to those who cannot sing. This ain’t The Voice, and luckily everyone knew that.

Everyone cheered in support as the few brave folks got onto stage and belted out the best versions of their favourite songs. And that’s what mattered. It’s hard enough to get up on stage in front of a group of people to do anything. Anything at all. So, to face your fears and sing your heart out, that takes guts.

HAB’s karaoke night succeed because people took chances, and in the long run, that’s all that matters.

Highlight of the evening: Dwayne Isaacs took to the stage with Jerrica Washington to do an awesome rendition of “Killing Me Softly” by Fugees in which half of the room promptly joined in. Good times.

Keep up on HAB’s events here.


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New Music Friday: Best Picks


by Callie Taylor

Mykki Blanco rarely disappoints with good music. Loner is a chill mix of melancholic beats and lyrics that will make you nostalgic for the less happy nights of your college life. (Explicit)

Let’s be real, you knew there was going to be some indie trash in this post. There always is! I’ve never heard of Fenech-Soler but this upbeat song has got me looking them up on Spotify. It kind of feels like a more quirky and down to earth Cherub song and I’m very okay with it.

It’s electronic as heck and the female vocals are playful and simple. That’s really all there is to this one.

I might be biased at this point. I get really excited every time that JoJo comes out with new music. Like, yes girl. You sing, girl. I don’t even care if it’s awful I will support this girl getting back into music. She did not disappoint. Here’s a soulful song to make you feel empowered and crap on this rainy Friday afternoon.

I love songs that make me want to visit California. I’ve never been but this song makes me want to eat tacos and sunbathe on a crowded beach. Of course, without the gross humidity we experience in Florida. That’s the difference right? The humidity?

I am so used to Phantogram putting out whiny indie crap that this is so refreshing I can barely put it into words. It’s still totally indie trash but it’s got more heart and definitely got added to a few personal playlists.

Connect: This Week | Week 1

by Connect 

Our new series, “Connect: This Week”, breaks down events and news weekly at USFSP.

In our first week back Jonah, Jessie, and Alan run through the Week of Welcome schedule including the Island Party, Comedy Night, and more.

In spirit of the Olympics, Jonah shouts out a USFSP alumni Olympian.

Watch the video below to find out more!

New Songs to Enjoy: August 18

by Callie Taylor

I have come to the conclusion that filtering through four hours of new songs only to tell you that half of them are pretty awful and not worth your time is an absolutely horrible way to bring you guys new music. Instead, I’m just going to tell you a few of the ones that were absolutely stellar for you to add to your personal playlists. Also, if you’re a fan of Spotify’s personalized Discover Weekly playlist but tired of the fact that they repeat songs all the time check out your personalized Release Radar playlist. It is the perfect mix of Discover Weekly and New Music Friday and is sure to expand your music library a little bit. Now for the music! (Keep in mind I am Indie/Alt music trash and my taste will reflect that.)

Bang Bang by Green Day

I was pretty excited about this one. It’s catchy and energetic and just angst-ridden enough that it isn’t obnoxious. Get ready to add this to that driving or morning playlist that you play when you haven’t had enough caffeine and need an audible cup of coffee. It’ll get you up and moving around in no time.

Cross My Mind by A R I Z O N A

Full of heart and pretty melodies, this song is honest and I while I normally don’t like songs that repeat their chorus like a broken record this was not too bad. It’s simple and relatable.


I do not know enough about the genre to say much about this song other then that I just really liked it. Whoops. Probably NSFW.

Out of My Head by The Griswolds

I almost skipped this song but once you get past the first verse it’s quite catchy. I’ve always considered The Griswolds a grown-up boy band and this song kind of cements that. Still good though.

Never Be Like You by Flume, Kai, Martin Solveig

I’m not sure which is prettier, the album art or the song but this new album from Flume is beautiful and Never Be Like you combines gorgeous female vocals from Kai with an infectious beat that I can’t stop playing.


August’s Drugstore Makeup Products That Don’t Suck

by Callie Taylor

On a college budget, buying the right makeup products can be a real struggle. Some drugstore brands are across the board fantastic and other brands have products that often miss the mark. I am an absolute amateur at makeup but I am on a college budget so I’m an expert on about half of this article. But really, these are some of the cheaper products that aren’t horrible to your face or your wallet.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara 


I’m the kind of girl that has one mascara for about three months at a time and then switches to a new one. My normal go to is Covergirl’s Lashblast Fusion which is the purple one and it’s a pretty good. I went out on a friend’s recommendation for this one because her mascara is literally always on point and I’m pretty glad I did. Warning though, this ends up with a lot of product on the brush and it is almost a requirement to wipe off even a little to discourage clumping. I’ve been pretty happy with this one and will probably stick with it in the future.



Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick



These things have SAVED my life so many times. I am awful with lipstick and tend to be horrible at applying it. Liquid lipstick tends to be kinder when it comes to application. I tend to rely on the two layers of it, but the stuff stays. I work in a restaurant and I rarely ever have it starting to come off by the end of the night. Go-to color for me is Soft-Spoken because it’s one of the more nude colors but with a nice pink to it. I may or may not own likes four of these in varying colors.




Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner



Liquid liner has never been so easier to master than with this. This eyeliner was my response to finding out that it would be very financially irresponsible for me to buy that Stila eyeliner I’ve had my eyes on for forever. The thin tip is amazing for application and is very easy to control. Thanks to it’s thinness any mess-ups requiring you to go back to thicken the lines and cover up mistakes don’t immediately render racoon eyes.





L’Oreal Brow Stylist Designer Brow Pencil



I’m really bad with eyebrows. Like, really bad. This dumb pencil is a God send for whenever I do get up the courage for attempting the monstrosity that sits above my eyes. It’s pretty user-friendly and really hard to mess up.







E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick



WOOOO VEGAN!! E.l.f. Products are cruelty-free and vegan and super super cheap. Literally this lipstick is three dollars and change. Like, wow. It’s not the best lipstick you’ll ever buy when you’re in a pinch and need some color and quick, it’s not too bad either.

New Music Monday: August 1st

by Callie Taylor

Yikes, it’s been a while but we’re back! Enjoy my takes on this week’s on new music.

The Good

Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

While Let Me Take A #Selfie took off when it came out, I never quite liked it and to be fair it was such an annoying song. Since then I have absolutely loved every new song that has come out by Chainsmokers. They mix amazing beats with amazing vocalists and have been killing it. This time they’ve teamed up with Halsey and it’s glorious. I only hope the rest of this week has just as good new tunes.

F*** Apologies – Jojo ft. Wiz Khalifa

Oh My GOOOOOOD. Let’s start off with if you get scorned by any lover in the near future, I want you to turn this song way up and stop caring. JoJo is back and it’s amazing. If this is the future of music from JoJo, I’m excited for any and all new stuff.

I Love You Always Forever – Betty Who

Betty Who is not well enough known for how gosh darn cute she is.

The Aight

Fresh Eyes – Andy Grammar

I liked this song, but I know I’ll definitely be skipping it come next month. It isn’t good enough to put on a playlist you’ll be using in two months, but it’s okay for now.

In The Name Of Love – Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha

Same as above, it wasn’t bad, but I won’t be adding it to any personal playlists anytime soon.

Three Empty Words – Shawn Mendes

Normally I’m a sucker for this teen heart throb, but this song just didn’t do it for me. I can see how it could be enjoyable to some but it just doesn’t do it for me. Whoops. Still pretty though!

The Bad

Cute – D.R.A.M.

No words for this one. Had potential. Didn’t cut it for me. I liked some parts, but after the second Pokemon reference I kind of started to strongly dislike this song.

Spacin Out – The Mowglis

I love the Mowglis, I do, so it was a disappointment when I started to listen to this and almost immediately went to go skip it. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty sure this song doesn’t know if it wants to be a song or not but, whoops.

Fake It – Bastille

Good Grief was so good that I guess it was about time for an only okay new song from Bastille. Still excited for that album though. This song had its good points but it was overall pretty lackluster. I expected more, so I’ve stuck it in this week’s musical time out. I don’t want to wait for three minutes to get to a good part of a song.

Report Card: Captain America The Civil War

by Callie Taylor

Callie’s Card:

T’challa Making me Crazy: A+

I was totally worried when about half way through the film, T’Challa was still hell-bent on revenge and literally getting in the way of anything useful happening. By no means was it not 100% understandable, but the warrior side of T’Challa was completely overruling the King side and it was honestly just frustrating which is why I didn’t dock any points for it. Full points were awarded for the sheer bad-assery of Black Panther. Not to mention the crazy emotional development of refusing to kill Zemo and letting his King side really shine through. I think the MCU T’Challa is going to be mostly about making the tough calls. I hope it will be a lot of fighting to balance the warrior and king parts of him and truly become the king and hero his country needs.

Also, because I loved how they handled Spider-man as well, I’ve given this subject the plus because I didn’t feel like he had enough screen time to have his own paragraph. That being said, Spiderman is my second favorite hero and I almost cried because he was so perfect. He was perfectly nerdy, perfectly still figuring out his powers and strengths and yet getting a little cocky. I loved it. It was like reading his comic. Props to the Russo Bros. The moment where you realize he’s one of the only ones to be able to go against Bucky’s metal arm with his own? Perfect.

Using  Lack of Communication as a plot device: C+

So many of the problems that arose from the characters just being awful at communication. I can understand pride getting in the way and affecting how people react to different news and ideas, but so so many of the problems were because of really silly little communication issues and after about the sixth time that acting on impulse rather than being a responsible adult and talking to your coworkers about a problem caused people to die and a tragedy to happen, I was pretty done. It was so easy for the villian to manipulate them with that and at some point it just got old and annoying. They have so much technology and can’t even manage a group chat to talk about their feelings? You are a team, guys. I’m tired of the plot being that you guys don’t know how to act like one.

No Awkward Forced Romances: B+

There was only one or two awkward references to the weird possible or maybe existing relationship of Black Widow and Hulk. I could’ve honestly been happier if they just hadn’t mentioned Hulk altogether if they were just going to push that weird pairing. Once again, there were a bunch of cute little nods to the budding relationship between Vision and Wanda Maximoff and it didn’t end so well in the comics but maybe the MCU is the place they get their cute happy ending without Wanda losing her marbles. I was always a fan of those two before things went sideways. ALSO STEVE ROGERS KISSING THE GRANDDAUGHTER OF PEGGY IS SO GROSS. At least Peggy was in the ground before you made the move, right?

Those Fight Scenes Tho: A

I had a problem with Avengers 2 that some of the CGI and fight scenes were lazy and I was so worried that the big fight in a parking lot was going to be another dud. I was pretty wrong. Part of what made the fight scenes so great is that they really stuck to what made each superhero themselves. Everyone had their different fighting styles and the attention paid to it in even the huge fight scenes was pretty nice. The fights and action scenes in this movie were pretty satisfying and there wasn’t one that I didn’t enjoy.

Civil War GPA: 3.5, B+

Thoroughly enjoyable and well worth the watch.

New Music Monday: The Good, Bad, and Inbetween

by Callie Taylor

For any students who don’t have a student account at Spotify, first of all, you’re missing out. There is nothing more lovely than streaming music without commercial breaks from 7-up constantly interrupting your jam sessions. Spotify has certainly branched out from just being a music streaming service however and they provide several user and company made playlists. Among these are playlists based off of genres, moods, what you listen to, and even just piles of the new music that came out that week. So you don’t have to, I’ve tasked myself with listening to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist to discern which songs are worth it, not, and could possibly be good if you like things like that.

First off, the good pile:

This One’s For You ft. Zara Larsson by David Guetta

I expect this song to be on most pop stations by the end of the summer and probably featured in Sorority  summer recap and recruitment videos all across the nation. Zara Larsson has consistently good and strong vocals in all the songs that she’s been a part of. Mix her strong and endearing vocals with a song by David Guetta and you have a pretty guaranteed summertime hit. Now, this isn’t discounting the fact that the noise that he uses for the drop is one of the most annoying noises I think I’ve ever heard on a pop-electronic song, but I feel like I’d get used to it once it played about ten times.

She Wants Me Dead – CASETTE vs. AronChupa

This song is good. Just listen to it.

The don’t bother pile:

Me Too by Meghan Trainor

I think her falling during The Tonight Show was karma for putting a song so awful into this Universe. I not only do not want to be you Meghan, I really wish you would stop forcing your music on us all. I’m glad you love yourself, because this is awful and since that one song you came out with like two summers ago about curves or whatever your music has been beginning to suck exponentially.

I Love LA

This song is so mediocre I don’t even know where to start. There’s nothing that made me even consider putting it on the maybe list and it isn’t that it sucks, but I’d never choose to listen to this song again. You might disagree though, listen for a better idea of what I mean

The Maybe pile:

All Time Low -Jon Bellion

It kills me to out this song in the maybe pile, because I loved it. I will admit that it might not be for everyone. It’s got the whiney and electronic instrument sound of Twenty One Pilots but without the veiled suicidal lyrics and more along the subject lines of a pop punk song.

For What It’s Worth by Kygo

Carry Me by Kygo

I put these both on the maybe playlist because I wasn’t sold on either of them, but Kygo has never treated me wrong before and I don’t hate them. They just aren’t AS good as some of the other things that he’s put out. I’d sooner listen to his song with Ed Sheeran from the Hobbit, but I also just love that song.


Side note: Yeah, this is a little overdue but life. Let me know if you guys disagree with any of the lists, or if you loved/hated a maybe song!