egg laying bunny

Tired of spending the big bucks on those cage-free, organic chicken eggs? We’ve got great news, there is a new egg on the block! A new breed of bunny is now laying cage-free, organic eggs for a fraction of the price!

egg laying bunny

Fanny, this first ever bunny to lay eggs, featured with her first litter. Photo courtesy of Grace Stocksdale/Mother Nature.

Currently, cage-free, organic chicken eggs range from roughly $4 – $6 per dozen. Cage-free, organic bunny eggs are brand new to the local market and cost only $1.50 per dozen!

Now, I know what you are thinking, what about the taste? We spoke to college student Haley Jordan for her take on the eggs.

“You won’t believe this!” Jordan said. “They taste JUST LIKE chicken eggs, except the yolks are green! You won’t even have to use green food dye for green eggs and ham anymore.”

I’m sure the next question you have is something about the nutrition. Just how healthy are these bunny eggs? Again, Jordan shares her knowledge on the peculiar new egg.

“Nutrition-smition, these things are PACKED with flavor and fun,” Jordan said. “Who needs vitamin and caloric estimates when you’re saving this much money?”

If you are as excited as we are about these delicious eggs, head on over to… nowhere. Bunny’s don’t lay eggs. 


Happy April Fool’s!

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