This year’s St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs but a huge affair for students looking to use the parking garage. 

The students and staff of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP) know all too well of the issues surrounding parking on campus. Today, that issue came to a head when the St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs began in the ballrooms of the University Student Center (USC).

While the conference takes place in the USC, the real event began in the parking deck. As early as 10 a.m., students, professors and guests circled the deck in search of the ever-fleeing parking spot, only to find that the deck was chock full.

By 11 a.m., nearly every lot on campus was full. By 12 p.m., the Student Body President, David Thompson, had posted the message below in a public Facebook group, USFSP The Know It All’s Guide To Knowing It All, asking students to comment if they had issues parking.

“Good Morning Students! If you or someone you know has been inconvenienced by the parking situation today. Please comment below and apporixamately how long it took you to find a spot. Student Government will be taking a report to adminstration regarding the situation and seeking some form of relief for those who has issues.

Thank you – Student Body President Thompson”

As of 4 p.m., the post had 28 comments from students airing their grievances on the parking situation.

Parking services sent an email at 12:53 p.m. stating,

“During the next three (3) days, Feb. 21 – 23,  parking will be available on Levels 2 through 7 in the Parking Garage for all vehicles. Also, during the next three (3) days Parking Services will open Parking Lot #20 (grass lot), located south of the Warehouse Laboratory (WHL). Surface parking lots at Harbor Hall are available for parking as well.”

However, students who commented on the post made by Thompson in the Facebook group state that there were only two spots left in the parking area by Harbor Hall as early as 12 p.m.

The Student Government Association posted on their own Facebook page that if students needed a ride or help to get to class safely to contact them at the phone number provided, or by emailing Thompson directly.

With the conference scheduled to continue till Feb. 23, we can anticipate the parking situation will continue to unfold over the next two days.


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