University Way: Not Taking Easy Street

by Jonah King 

This is my goodbye.

And of course, with every goodbye comes a time for reflection. So let’s reflect some.

USFSP Connect was a brand created the year before I arrived at USFSP in 2012. There was a vision for Connect to become a media platform at USFSP that I would wager to say was very ahead of its time. It was a lofty expedition headed by Thomas Boyd, a USFSP graduate doing very well for himself at Disney, a company you may have heard of. Now there were many people who were instrumental in building Connect in its inception and through its formative years until I joined, but I knew Connect primarily through Tommy. It helped that he always had a camera in hand. I saw the vision and said to myself, “I want to be a part of that.” Halfway into my sophomore year I was hired.

I’ll get back to Connect in a moment.

A great friend of mine told me at the beginning of my senior year that it was crucial that I feel uncomfortable. I had just been telling him about how I was feeling disconnected from the campus, how I didn’t know anyone anymore, and was mostly focused on taking the next step toward a full-time career. I recognized what he was saying immediately. My life was transitioning before my very eyes.

USFSP represents safety, comfort, and within the confines of our campus, you can find everything you need. You have a place to live, a place to eat, friends that convene in the same place at the same time where you can do the same routine day in and day out. It was a routine that throughout my sophomore and junior year I participated in and thoroughly enjoyed. My friends and I reminisce over years past and the good times we had. I assured myself as some of my friends have assured themselves not to get caught in the same whirlwind of wasting away days when there is work to be done. We all took that trip down University Way. USFSP is easy street, and there comes a time when you need to step out into the so-called real world and do real things. I know some people who haven’t moved on yet, and I pray for them every day. There comes a time when moving on is best for yourself, and honestly, the sooner the better. Not that the good times aren’t worth it, but it’s a very competitive world, and you have to decide as soon as possible where you want to be.

I spearheaded the 2nd generation of Connect with friend and coworker, Jessie Santero. Jessie and I worked through a tumultuous time as we had to figure out how to move Connect forward in a community and world that was rapidly changing in how social media is consumed. I wanted to figure out what was the best way to serve the campus and the students reaching the most students possible, while creating meaningful and entertaining content. The desire to make Connect USFSP’s go to digital media platform was still there, but faded as I realized the sheer difficulty of converting an entire campus to a media team where two people were generating most of the content. As I said, I was doing everything I could to figure out how to reach the pulse of the campus, and I think I learned the most valuable lesson of all.

You have to keep trying. I ran through idea after idea, to improve our content, our website, our social media outreach, and I struggled. I wanted to create Yaks of the Week as a Connect exclusive YouTube show and was denied because I had to keep the content PG. I wanted to get students to contribute and tell their stories through blogs and videos but a lot of people wouldn’t follow up on messages I sent them. I was getting very disheartened. I felt like I wasn’t making a difference. I kept trying, I wouldn’t let my failures stop me from striking gold.

One of our best collaborations came with the South Florida All Stars dance team. It’s hard to argue that there was an organization on campus that collectively worked harder than the All Stars. In 2015 we produced a 13-minute Dancing with the All Stars show and in 2016 filmed the entire Stars in Motion Showcase. I’m a firm believer that the more people and groups come together to collaborate, there’s no limit on the achievements that can be made for a campus production. That being said, we do need someone within the higher ups to get better lighting for the ballrooms because it’s absolutely atrocious to film and photograph in that room without an expensive camera. But I’ll save that vitriol for a separate piece.

I really only found that I created something truly special when I came up with the idea for the Slightly Warm Seat podcast. My first episode came out only five months ago and I’m now working on my 9th episode. I used to judge Connect on the amount of views or reach a video was getting, but quickly realized while statistics are important, I was shortchanging the most important part of my job.

Making an impact. 

I don’t have flashy numbers or a huge amount of responses to the podcast, but when someone does tell me about an episode they listened to, they tell me how much it affected them or how they enjoyed listening. And that’s what really matters to me.

My hope is to see the next generation of Connect staffers to forge ahead and make their own impact at USFSP. Our campus is still in a weird transitional period started when our Chancellor announced the 20/20 Vision plan. My dream is to see Connect be an integral part of our campus where students can have a voice and create. What you’ll learn if you’re very observant, is that there’s a lot of people who will do a lot of talking, but it’s those who are putting their hard work and just dues in that may surprise you with the life they are building for themselves.

When I came to USFSP as a freshman, I never dreamed of being in the position I am now, and for that I am truly grateful. I was surrounded by a lot of great people who are out doing great things, and they all know who they are. The same opportunity is afforded to anyone who steps foot in St. Petersburg on our campus. Just remember, it’s easy to follow the University Way to your diploma, but those who are trailblazing a path that is their own are finding themselves right where they need to be. Happy, healthy, and with a little extra pocket change.

A Real American Hero: John Lewis Visits USFSP

by Jonah King 

Lewis speaks on the importance of voting, optimism in the face of fear, and endorses Charlie Crist

photo by Jonah King, John Lewis and Charlie Crist preparing to talk to the crowd
photo by Jonah King, John Lewis and Charlie Crist preparing to talk to the crowd

Civil rights is a 9 word problem: “Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, I Have a Dream.”

Those nine words are the universal American understanding of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.

Another two words you may want to add to the list are John Lewis. You’ve still only breached the surface, but Lewis’s experiences and perspective speak volumes to the cold dark realities of racism and the peaceful combat against it in the civil rights era.

Today, Lewis represents the 5th Congressional District of Georgia. Lewis joined former Florida Governor, Charlie Crist, whom is running for U.S. House District 13 at USFSP on Wednesday to discuss and answer questions from students and the St. Petersburg community.

At the event hosted by the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Lewis and Crist spoke on the state of the election, expressed their political views, and Lewis reflected on the Civil Rights era. Lewis also gave a ringing endorsement for Charlie Crist’s House bid.

Lewis is a proponent of getting in trouble, something we were told as kids by our parents not to get in. But the trouble Lewis is talking about he refers to as good trouble, the same sort of trouble that got him arrested during the sit-ins and the march on Selma.

As a member of the digital media team for USFSP Connect, we’ve produced two segments from the speech, and a sit down interview with Lewis.


Lewis and Crist talk Civil Rights and Voting

Lewis on Trump and the 2016 Election

Lewis talks March

Lewis talks Voter Turnout

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(Additional photo and video support by Jessie Santero and Warren Buchholz)

The South Florida Bulls versus Retribution

Previewing the Florida State Seminoles vs. the USF Bulls in a season defining matchup

by Jonah King 


For a 3–0 South Florida Bulls team, the college football season starts here.

For a 2–1 Florida State Seminoles (13) team, their season is in dire straits after a 63–20 drubbing by Louisville.

Last year, USF and FSU went to halftime deadlocked 7–7. FSU took over the second half and eventually won 34–14. For the Bulls, they are facing retribution and destiny. FSU is back on the rocky road to becoming THE program in college football they were so recently in the Jameis era.



For the Bulls to dismiss FSU as vulnerable after such a defeat would be a mistake. FSU is still an extremely talented and potent football team that will come into Raymond James Stadium hungry to avenge last week’s loss.

Louisville’s defense shut down FSU QB Deondre Francois and held star RB Dalvin Cook to 57 yards. Cook also had trouble against Ole Miss. Ole Miss and Louisville combined for 8 sacks which points to a shaky offensive line that certainly hasn’t gelled early in the season.

The Bulls are coming off a cheeky win over Syracuse who was their most challenging opponent to date. The Bulls overcame a 17-point deficit in the 1st quarter by responding in the 2nd quarter with 28 unanswered. USF didn’t look back finishing off Syracuse 45–20.

Time of Possession

In USF’s win over Syracuse, Syracuse dominated time of possession.

In FSU’s loss to Louisville, FSU won the time of possession battle in all quarters but the 2nd.

Time of possession is a tricky statistic in today’s college football landscape, especially in the era of the hurry-up offense. USF feasts off of running the “Gulf Coast Offense”, which is an option based scheme that will occasionally take chances one-on-one down the field. For USF, it all takes one play.



FSU would love to be a Dalvin Cook centric offense but Cook hasn’t found his stride in two games against top-25 opponents. If the Bulls defense proves to be elite, they will continue the success of bottling up Cook who torched USF last year for 3 scores and 200+ yards.

If Cook returns to form and runs the Bulls defense tired, it could be a long night for USF and the time of possession factor could keep the Gulf Coast Offense off the field and out of rhythm.

Coming back from down 17-points against Syracuse is promising for the Gulf Coast Offense, but the FSU defense will prove to be a real test of USF’s blink of an eye offensive assault.

Quarterback Duel

Neither team would like this to become a quarterback duel. If it does, the edge goes toward Francois.



FSU’s offense finds itself under some duress after losing senior QB Sean Maguire to injury before the season started. Redshirt freshman Deondre Francois has filled in admirably, but isn’t the second coming of Jameis Winston.

The USF defense will need to force Francois into making mistakes and containing his scrambling if he breaks out of the pocket.

FSU’s goal will be to force USF’s QB Quinton Flowers into long 3rd down situations and become a passing QB. Flowers isn’t a comfortable pocket passer and will break from the pocket at the first sign of pressure.

Flowers best bet is to go deep on the sidelines to Rodney Adams and Scantling. In order for Flowers to take over the game, he’ll have to get accurate passes over the middle and stay in the pocket if the running game gets shut down.

The main concern of a pass heavy game is the unpolished throwing mechanics of Francois and Flowers leading to errand passes and turnovers.


Expect a war of attrition.

To avoid becoming a one dimensional team, USF will go to running back Marlon Mack early and often, in hopes he will take off. If that happens, the horses will be unleashed, and FSU will be in trouble because Darius Tice and D’Ernest Johnson will be laying in wait ready to pounce.

FSU will do the same with a heavy dose of Dalvin Cook and he’s a beast on his own merit. If Cook gets going early, this will open up play action for Francois and time in the pocket to pick apart the Bulls secondary.

It’s hard to bet against the Nole’s, but it’s just as difficult to count the Bulls out with how scrappy their play has been.

If FSU coach Jimbo Fisher does his homework, he should be able to exploit the weak points in the Bulls passing game and pass defense, as long as the Noles limit their mistakes. The Bulls capitalize on their opponents getting caught in misdirection plays and weak arm tackles.



The case for USF is certainly there. The swagger and personality is definitely there, plus the vengeance of last year’s loss, but football is here and now, and FSU has their own frustrations to take out on USF following a loss. A second straight FSU loss would plummet their season.

In other words, the young college football season is on the line for both teams. USF seeking top-25 legitimacy, FSU looking to keep their major bowl game hopes alive.

Expect a high scoring affair.

Score prediction:

FSU 43

USF 33

The game will be on September 24th, at noon at Raymond James Stadium, and broadcasted nationally on ABC.

HAB’s Karaoke Night


by Warren Buchholz  

It’s not often that I can walk into karaoke night and find that the entire room is not only sober but also having fun. Not to mention I’ve been dragged to quite a few karaoke nights at some insatiable and sordid joints (I’m saucer-eyed at you, Tampa), so walking into HAB’s karaoke night was a refreshing change of pace.

The set-up was cool with a projector behind the singer(s) for the audience’s entertainment privy to whatever was playing and one in front so the singer(s) could see the lyrics as they sung. And, man, did these folks sing. The best part of any karaoke night is that everyone in the room knows why they are there, so no judgment is ever passed to those who cannot sing. This ain’t The Voice, and luckily everyone knew that.

Everyone cheered in support as the few brave folks got onto stage and belted out the best versions of their favourite songs. And that’s what mattered. It’s hard enough to get up on stage in front of a group of people to do anything. Anything at all. So, to face your fears and sing your heart out, that takes guts.

HAB’s karaoke night succeed because people took chances, and in the long run, that’s all that matters.

Highlight of the evening: Dwayne Isaacs took to the stage with Jerrica Washington to do an awesome rendition of “Killing Me Softly” by Fugees in which half of the room promptly joined in. Good times.

Keep up on HAB’s events here.


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New Music Friday: Best Picks


by Callie Taylor

Mykki Blanco rarely disappoints with good music. Loner is a chill mix of melancholic beats and lyrics that will make you nostalgic for the less happy nights of your college life. (Explicit)

Let’s be real, you knew there was going to be some indie trash in this post. There always is! I’ve never heard of Fenech-Soler but this upbeat song has got me looking them up on Spotify. It kind of feels like a more quirky and down to earth Cherub song and I’m very okay with it.

It’s electronic as heck and the female vocals are playful and simple. That’s really all there is to this one.

I might be biased at this point. I get really excited every time that JoJo comes out with new music. Like, yes girl. You sing, girl. I don’t even care if it’s awful I will support this girl getting back into music. She did not disappoint. Here’s a soulful song to make you feel empowered and crap on this rainy Friday afternoon.

I love songs that make me want to visit California. I’ve never been but this song makes me want to eat tacos and sunbathe on a crowded beach. Of course, without the gross humidity we experience in Florida. That’s the difference right? The humidity?

I am so used to Phantogram putting out whiny indie crap that this is so refreshing I can barely put it into words. It’s still totally indie trash but it’s got more heart and definitely got added to a few personal playlists.

2 and WOAH! The USF Bulls are Off to a Record Pace in their 20th Season

by Jonah King 

USF posts 658 yards of offense, 4 passing TD’s from Quinton Flowers, and 11 punts from the Northern Illinois Huskies are just a few glaring stats at the USF Bulls (2-0) rout the NIU Huskies (0-2)

photo by Jason Benhnken, Getty Images; Flowers had a career performance against NIU

Final Score:

NIU Huskies 17

USF Bulls 48

It’s said in commercials that Red Bull gives you wings. Bulls head coach Willie Taggart said in his post-game press conference that running back Darius Tice seemed like he had drank a Red Bull before the game. If this were true, Tice may have shared a can with every member of the Bulls offense.

The Huskies came into the game as a dark horse 15-point underdog, but as the week’s box scores played out, no program is safe from an early season upset.

Northern Illinois is no cakewalk, QB Drew Hare and WR Kenny Golloday were quite the tandem versus Wyoming in a triple overtime loss for NIU in week one. The Bulls handled their business despite a few rusty mistakes versus Towson.

This game was an opportunity to seal legitimacy for USF this season. After an 8–6 campaign last year, preseason murmurs lead to the Bulls being contenders in the American Athletic Conference.

The beat to Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire” rang throughout the stadium as the Bulls went up 24–0 and prepared to kickoff back to NIU. There was still another 11 minutes to go in the first half. The Bulls sideline was oozing with hype, confidence, and swagger.


photo by Octavio Jones, Tampa Bay Times

To go with the confidence and swagger, the Bulls have established an identity that is hashtaggable.

#GulfCoastOffense #BullSharkDefense

“You can’t swim in the gulf coast, unless you’re a bull shark,” said coach Taggart when asked about the identity of the team.


In basketball, the 2005 Phoenix Suns coined an offense known as, “7 seconds or less”. A few years ago, the Oregon Ducks under Chip Kelly ran a spread offense paired with the hurry up, where defenses didn’t get a chance to breathe let alone substitute.

The trend is that sports are getting faster and faster. The Bulls hit NIU so hard and fast, that despite NIU having more time of possession in the first half, the Bulls were leading at the half 27–7.

From the second USF drive on, junior QB Quinton Flowers was bombing it down the field with reckless abandon and his receivers were winning one-on-ones down the sidelines.

“I like any of my guys one-on-one,” Flowers said. And he should. Flowers has a bevy of talent surrounding him. Wide receivers Rodney Adams and Marquez Valdes-Scantling caught 5 balls apiece. Scantling is a big target at 6’5. Adams displayed breakneck speed. Star running back Marlon Mack was suited up and available according to Taggart but was held out of the game after getting dinged up with a possible concussion in week 1. In Mack’s precautionary absence, Darius Tice and D’Ernest Johnson proved they were more than capable combining for 212 yards on the ground.

The Bulls offense is predicated on option runs, sweeps, and Flowers ability to scramble and get the ball deep.

Going forward with matchups against Syracuse and FSU, the Gulf Coast offense will be tested against better talent. The depth and endurance of the Bulls defense will be strained if the offense doesn’t play more possession ball.

Huskies outclassed

photo by

After two weeks of college football upsets and near upsets, the Northern Illinois Huskies were not a team to take lightly.

Huskies Senior QB Drew Hare, WR Kenny Golloday, and All-American CB Shawun Lurry, were among the guys too watch. Lurry was hurt early. Hare took a hard hit in his endzone for a near safety in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Hare was carted off with a leg injury.

Golloday (4 rec, 43 yds) spent most of the game contained by Bulls corner Deatrick Nichols. The only Huskies player with moderate success was WR Aregero Turner who scored twice.

The Huskies are coming off an 8–6 season in the Mid-American Conference. They’ll get a shot at their first win against San Diego State in their first home contest.


photo by Steve Mitchell, USA TODAY Sports

There’s tempered expectations for Flowers going into his second season as the full-time starter for the Bulls.

Flowers had a career game against NIU going 21–33, 350 passing yds, 4 TD’s, 0 INT’s, and picking up 53 yds on the ground for good measure. Flowers had a career day setting personal bests in completions, attempts, and longest pass (73).

The throwing mechanics aren’t polished, and Flowers still avoids throwing over the middle of the field, but Flowers 3rd TD pass showed potential of him threading the needle. Flowers found Adams in the back of the endzone beating the the corner underneath and the safety over the top. If Flowers gets confident in his arm, Flowers may find his name on some awards ballots.

If Flowers can become more accurate on 10 yd routes, which have plagued him in the first two weeks, and can find more comfort in the pocket, the Bulls offense may find another gear.

Final Notes

from Instagram @jkingminihorse

The Bulls have made a formal pitch to move to the Big 12 Conference

Game attendance: 36,557. Student section: 7,252.

The Bulls allowed 0 sacks. No interceptions by either team.

Red Zone Scoring: Bulls 6 for 6. Huskies 3 for 3.

The USF Bulls head to Syracuse in the Carrier Dome next week, with a season marquis matchup when FSU comes to Raymond James in week 4 on September 24th.

USFSP’s Day of Remembrance

by Jonah King 

For the second year today, USFSP will be honoring the lives of those who have fought for our nation, and those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


This year, USFSP will be writing letters to police, firefighters, and EMS personnel, as well as making donations to the US War Dogs Association. Donations needed listed below:

K9 Cooling Collars (Summer Months), K9 Blankets (Winter Months), K9 Boots Medium & Large, K9 Doggles, Collapsible Nylon Dog Bowls, Kong 3” Rubber Balls, Large Rope Chews, K9 Shampoo & Conditioner, K9 Grooming Tools-Combs, Brushes, etc., K9 Nail Clippers, K9 Beds or Sleeping Mats, K9 Toothpaste & Toothbrush, K9 Eye Drops, K9 Ear Wash, K9 Advantix, Flea and Tic Treatment, K9 Salves for paws/noses, Towels to wipe paws, K9 Treats (Made in the USA ONLY)

This event is a collaboration effort by the Student Veterans Organization and Student Government.

Last year, USFSP students Autumn and George sang the national anthem. Video below.

Photos from the 2015 Day of Remembrance which included a twin towers painting session.



Why You Should Go to a Rowdies Game

by Jonah King

The beauty of Al Lang stadium and Rowdies soccer is that it’s a walk, skip, and a stones throw away from campus.

The Rowdies partnership has grown with USFSP in recent years. You can see a Rowdies banner on the side of the gym, the shared practice field on 3rd street, plus you can enjoy a Rowdies game for the reasonable price of $10 (with student ID).

Need more to be fully convinced? Read on.

On August 27th, in a North American Soccer League regular season game, the Rowdies dominated Rayo OKC, 2-0, with a two goal effort from Rowdies midfielder Joe Cole. Videos galore below.

As far as the match was concerned, the Rowdies jumped out of the gate with an early penalty kick opportunity. The PK was deflected by the OKC goalkeeper Daniel Fernandes.

For the Rowdies, it was possession control leading to a couple chances in the first half. After the missed penalty, the best opportunity of the first half came from Eric Avila who rocketed a shot that was deflected by Rayo’s Fernandes.

Second half action lit up with a daring reaction save by Rowdies keep Matt Pickens. Pickens has built up quite the highlight reel of spectacular saves this year.

The Rowdies Twitter can handle Cole’s two goal outburst.

The Rowdies cruised to a ‘Dos-a-Cero’ victory over the Oklahoma City visitors.

After hearing about the Rowdies signing of Cole, and researching his solid playing career in the Premiere League (top tier soccer in Europe), it signaled the Rowdies were in the midst of becoming NASL contenders. I wrote a short piece about Cole’s signing, and his potential to be the real deal after the Freddy Adu project didn’t pan out.

The thing about Joe Cole, is that there’s potential for something special to happen every time he touches the ball. See below:

DA NUH NA, NUH NA NA. “Hello ESPN Top 10, my name is Joe Cole, nice to meet you.”

Seeing that guy play, among other talented scrappy, speedy, and physical guys on the Rowdies roster, it’s a well spent $10 Saturday night.

The only thing the Rowdies are currently missing is a championship caliber team. A solid group of players that haven’t strung together enough wins to finish at the top of the North American Soccer League standings.

No matter the result, Al Lang stadium is always hyped up by the support of Ralph’s Mob, whom are rowdy (terrible pun intended) fans that bring an exciting atmosphere to the small stadium.

USFSP students have been accused of not being fully supportive of the Rowdies. It doesn’t help that some of the season falls when students aren’t back to school yet. The Rowdies still have more home matches to play, so be on the look out for future USFSP-Rowdies promotions.

The next chance for USFSP students to see the Rowdies in action at Al Lang will be on September 17th, versus the Carolina Railhawks.

(Video and Photo by: Tampa Bay Rowdies, Crow’s Nest)

Report Card: Suicide Squad

by Jonah King

Overall Rating: C

An average grade sounds about right for a film I rated 2 and 1/2 stars out of 4 when I reviewed the flick for my Medium publication. I wrote such a good review I’ll have to pull a quote from there.

“It was good, but-,” said just about everybody.” 

Deadshot, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Viola Davis: A-

suicide squad trailer

If Suicide Squad had returned to the think-tank and said, just kidding, we actually could’ve created a better film, these four characters would be the focus. My solution for Suicide Squad is to make Viola Davis’s character, Amanda Waller, the primary villain of the film.

Will Smith is the scene stealer, the moral center, and an overall badass as Deadshot. Deadshot is the hitman that never misses fighting for retribution in hopes he’ll see his daughter again.

Harley Quinn and The Joker are about what you’d expect. They’re crazy and psychotic, and that’s well documented here. The Joker takes a backseat role but continuity wise it makes sense. Jared Leto is convincing enough. Margot Robbie manages to be comedic, sexy, and insane at the same time.

The Witch God + Supporting Roles: D-

In the film, she’s known as, “The Enchantress”. To me, she’s a witch god with magical powers to destroy life on earth. It’s not Cara Delevingne’s fault that her main antagonist character is so boring when there’s much more fun to be had with the characters I spoke of above. She also has a brother who dies in the most menial nonsensical way possible.

Then there’s the band of misfits. Diablo, the evil Johnny Storm, a crocodile, an Australian guy that throws boomerangs, and a girl with a katana aptly named Katana. You could tell they didn’t matter when an attempt was made to build an emotional attachment to Diablo is derailed by Harley Quinn who says, “So what, we’re villains?”

trailer suicide squad

The Justice League: D

It was cool to see Batman and The Flash doing their thing in brief cameos, but I have to take a quick shot for continuity reasons at this soon to be formed Justice League. There’s a scene where the Enchantress is wrecking house on the entire east coast of America, and not a single member of the Justice League cares to respond to the call?

Continuity: F

Speaking on behalf of film continuity, plot devices and details took the biggest L in Suicide Squad which hampered the film from being as good as we wanted it to be.

It’s not minute plot details. I’m not grasping at straws here.

Why does the Enchantress have a heart and her brother does not (which leads to the most disappointing shenanigans in the film)? Why is Viola Davis floating in the sky and then suddenly reappear like she wasn’t just floating in the sky in a giant beam of light? You lost me Suicide Squad.

Final Thoughts

I did like Suicide Squad for the first hour and change. Eventually, being a villain film in superhero clothing with multiple combustible elements and plot lines to follow bogged the film down in its final sequences.

New Songs to Enjoy: August 18

by Callie Taylor

I have come to the conclusion that filtering through four hours of new songs only to tell you that half of them are pretty awful and not worth your time is an absolutely horrible way to bring you guys new music. Instead, I’m just going to tell you a few of the ones that were absolutely stellar for you to add to your personal playlists. Also, if you’re a fan of Spotify’s personalized Discover Weekly playlist but tired of the fact that they repeat songs all the time check out your personalized Release Radar playlist. It is the perfect mix of Discover Weekly and New Music Friday and is sure to expand your music library a little bit. Now for the music! (Keep in mind I am Indie/Alt music trash and my taste will reflect that.)

Bang Bang by Green Day

I was pretty excited about this one. It’s catchy and energetic and just angst-ridden enough that it isn’t obnoxious. Get ready to add this to that driving or morning playlist that you play when you haven’t had enough caffeine and need an audible cup of coffee. It’ll get you up and moving around in no time.

Cross My Mind by A R I Z O N A

Full of heart and pretty melodies, this song is honest and I while I normally don’t like songs that repeat their chorus like a broken record this was not too bad. It’s simple and relatable.


I do not know enough about the genre to say much about this song other then that I just really liked it. Whoops. Probably NSFW.

Out of My Head by The Griswolds

I almost skipped this song but once you get past the first verse it’s quite catchy. I’ve always considered The Griswolds a grown-up boy band and this song kind of cements that. Still good though.

Never Be Like You by Flume, Kai, Martin Solveig

I’m not sure which is prettier, the album art or the song but this new album from Flume is beautiful and Never Be Like you combines gorgeous female vocals from Kai with an infectious beat that I can’t stop playing.