Slightly Warm Seat Podcast Ep 7: Jordan Palavra

by Jonah King 

In episode 7 of the SWS Podcast, Jonah and Jordan sit down in the Coral Room to converse about basketball, music, USFSP, and the future. It’s a really chill conversation, Jonah has a Jay-Z hot take that Jordan agrees with. Listen for that.


Slightly Warm Seat Podcast Ep 8: Zach Stapleton-Jones and his Video Game “Blockshot Champion”

by Jonah King 

When Jonah found out that his friend from soccer, Zach, was working on a video game, it became Jonah’s mission to get Zach on the podcast to talk about it. Not only is Zach working on the game, dubbed “Blockshot Champion”, he’s at a point where the two got to play it before the pod. Jonah and Zach talk about Blockshot Champion, Zach’s difficult shift from soccer to entrepreneurship, and Jonah tells a story about how Zach cheated (Jonah’s words obviously) Jonah and his team out of the soccer intramural finals!

Take a look at Zach’s website:

The Slightly Warm Seat Podcast Ep 6: Brian Richter

by Jonah King

Brian Richter came to Jonah for episode 6 of the Slightly Warm Seat Podcast. Brian is embarking on a cross country journey this summer… on a bike. Brian will be biking with the Ulman Cancer Fund to raise awareness for young adults with cancer. Brian also talks about his experiences with cooking, some philosophies he would like to live by, and asks Jonah about the most recent memorable last book he’s read (which was a long time ago).

The Slightly Warm Seat Podcast Ep 5: Brittania Rose

by Jonah King

In episode 5 of the SWS podcast, Jonah sits down with USFSP senior Brittania Rose. Brittania is the President of the USFSP Cook Masters club, a club that’s been gaining a lot of momentum as a prominent club on campus since it was founded last semester. Brittania also talks about her future business ventures, startup culture, Guy Fieri, and Jonah rants about which fast food chains have the best fries.

The Slightly Warm Seat Podcast Ep 4: Jonathan Boyd

by Jonah King 

In episode 4 of the SWS Podcast, Jonah calls up good friend and USFSP graduate Jonathan Boyd to talk about life and work in China, making hip hop music, and if he’s the greatest basketball player in his country.

This is the first podcast done from inside USC Studio 1, and the phone connection gets a little fuzzy at times (thanks USFSP). We did our best to fix it so save for a few moments the podcast is mostly clear.

The Slightly Warm Seat Podcast Ep 2: Josue Etienne

by Jonah King 

Jonah sits down with Josue Etienne for the 2nd episode of the Slightly Warm Seat Podcast.

Find out why Joe’s favorite sports memory is actually of him losing.

Joe and Jonah also talk about how he ended up at USFSP, his aspirations of working in an NBA front office, some NBA talk, living in St. Pete, coming from Broward county, and more!