Easter traditions

Connect staff share their favorite Easter traditions

Does your family have a favorite Easter tradition? Here are a few favorite traditions from our staff here at Connect.

Please do not attempt at home. These traditions were performed by trained professionals under hospital staff supervision. No toddlers were harmed in the making of this post.
Easter traditions

An Easter cake made by staff member Haley Jordan’s father Ken Jordan. Photo courtesy of Haley Jordan/Connect.

Corey Mapp 

My favorite Easter tradition is actually a holiday tradition we do for pretty much every holiday. I come from a family of movers and shakers, so we know how to party! We start nearly every holiday with body shots of North Cackalacky moonshine (shout out to my roots, Y’all!). My grandma volunteers to be the “body” for the shots every year since I started dating my now fiance, Scott. What can I say, he is quite the looker. As the day drinking progresses, we typically head on over to whatever fast food joint is open and down as many chicken nuggets and french fries as possible. There is just something about moonshine and McNuggets that screams family bonding.

Haley Jordan 

Every year my mother and I play a game for Easter, it’s kind of like an egg hunt, but instead of looking for eggs, I try and find my way back to the house from an unknown location. We started the tradition when I was 12, and my mom left me at a pastry shop on the way to dropping me off at school. We had a routine where she parked and bought coffee while I headed next door to get breakfast pastries. One Easter, she left without me and drove all the way to school before noticing I wasn’t in the car. She noticed because I hadn’t handed her a pastry. It worked out, she drove back and I had stayed on the same corner where I had watched her drive away. Now, every year she blindfolds me and drops me off in a different part of town, and it’s my responsibility to find my way home. I know what you’re thinking, ‘that’s not safe.’ It’s okay, she takes my wallet and phone ahead of time in case I get robbed.

Bailey Mosley

 Every year growing up we have an easter egg hunt… well, that was until last year. My brother is essentially that drunk aunt that ruins every family holiday, and two years ago he ruined our one tradition. We always rotated duty of who hides the Easter eggs for the kids, and 2016 was his turn. He hid the eggs and the kids went wild. All seemed well. About 30 minutes after the egg hunt, we started noticing my cousin’s toddlers stumbling more than usual. Then my favorite nephew started slurring his words and eventually puked and passed out in Grandma’s lap. That’s when we discovered the empty, mini bottles scattered across the floor. I thought it was kinda strange when I heard some of the kids saying “I’ll trade you a Patron for a Kaulua.” We had to make multiple trips to the hospital, and my Aunt Maria hasn’t spoken to the family since. That wasn’t the most eventful family holiday we’ve had, you should have seen President’s day.


Happy April Fool’s fool.

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