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D.R.A.M. was anything but drab: Annual USF Homecoming concert review

Angel Haze performed at the annual USF Homecoming concert alongside Kiara. Photo courtesy of Grace Stocksdale/Connect.

The University of South Florida’s Tampa (USF) homecoming concert was a hit. A riled up crowd screamed and cheered for Angel Haze, Kiara, and D.R.A.M. Thursday night at the USF sun dome.

Haze performed first to set the mood. She sprouted emotional lyrics that spoke to the hundreds of fans in the crowd. “No one can ever break you down,” she sang in her featured song “Battle Cry.”

Kiara, the next performer, known for her song “Gold,” set the crowd on fire. Her song features electronically performed music with vocals in the background. Unlike Haze, Kiara, didn’t really speak to the crowd. She seemed rushed and went through her set list quickly. But she drew in the crowd by walking around stage and captured attention with her currently pink hair.     

Right top: Kiara, left top: Angel Haze. Photos courtesy of Grace Stocksdale/Connect.

When D.R.A.M. finally came on, the crowd went nuts. This was the main event and the most anticipated. His song “Broccoli” captured everyone with its catchy tune. The crowd stood on their feet, jumping, screaming and even waving their hands. Everyone wanted his attention, especially when he jumped into the crowd and started singing. He even had a fan tie his shoe after his first song. To say she was excited is an understatement.

  The annual concert was free to USF students and is a must see for those who love loud music that rocks the house.

Artist D.R.A.M., or Shelley Marshaun Massenburg-Smith, performs at the USF Homecoming concert. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Carrigan/Connect.

Cover photo courtesy of Rebecca Carrigan/Connect.

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