Downtown Bites: Review of Stillwaters Tavern

So, like most people, I love food! I consider myself a foodie because I love to try new foods and restaurants. After many recommendations, I finally tried Stillwaters Tavern, and I was not disappointed.

Stillwaters Tavern is only a nine-minute bus ride or an 18-minute walk from campus. They are open from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. They have both outside and inside seating available. I sat outside because the weather was nice, and I could feel a cool breeze in the air. The patio area was comfortably shaded and the tables and chairs were formal but comfortable. The prices range from $5 to $25 per item, which I found to be fair.

Now, the food! I’m sure you have been waiting for me to talk about that.


Chickpea & Quinoa Falafel

Lemon hummus, harissa oil, chickpea

This dish was so savory. I instantly wished I had more after I cleaned the plate. The falafel was a little dry, but the hummus was very good and made for a nice dipping sauce. The garnish of basil and bean sprouts was also well done. I was told by the waiter that the falafel is their most popular item, and I was not disappointed.

So if you like hummus, or just chickpeas in general, I would totally recommend this dish.

Cost: $10.25 


Pan Fried Ramen

smoked pork, chinese sausage, market veg, marinated soft boiled egg, toasted peanuts, bean sprouts, thai basil

    I absolutely loved this dish. The ramen was bit spicy though, so I needed water and more hummus to help calm the fire that was raging on my tongue. Other than the extra spice, I would have to say it was amazing. The noodles had just enough sauce and flavor. The sweet teriyaki incorporated peanuts and reminded me of a phad thai dish. The bean sprouts on top added a nice crunch with every bite. The soft boiled egg on the side was a nice addition, as I used it as a neutralizer in between bites of spicy ramen.

    If you love ramen and a bit of spice, this is a great dish for you! This was definitely an upscale version of the homemade ramen us college students are used to.

 Cost: $18 

   I hope you enjoyed reading about my food adventure! Come back next time to read about the next restaurant I visit downtown!


Stillwaters Tavern is located at  Location: 224 Beach Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, all other photos courtesy of Grace Stocksdale/Connect.

Information for this article gathered from: http://stillwaterstavern.com/menu/

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