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Everything You Need for an Amazing Beach Day

It’s here, USFSP! March seems like it just arrived and we have already had plenty of amazing weather days. These nice days are going to become more and more common, so here’s a list of things to try to remember for an amazing beach trip.

  • Sunscreen/Sun-tan lotion

This one is a no-brainer. Sun burns are horrible, both short term and long term. Sun burns hurt a crazy amount, especially if you have the type of friends to slap you on the back as you walk by them. Either stock up on aloe and be prepared for lots of gross peeling or remember to re-apply every two hours. Even worse, UVA and UVB rays can be carcinogenic. So seriously, every two hours. Don’t forget your ears.

Exact representation of how a sun burn feels.

  • Towel

Don’t be that person who runs right into the water only to wade out later and not have a towel. Towels are used for lounging on as well as drying off so they’re pretty important for any good beach day.

Or that, you can always use towels for whatever that is. Don’t forget your heavy machinery.

  • Sunglasses

This sucks almost worse than forgetting a towel. Don’t use your hand as a visor for the entire day. You need that hand for frisbee or for holding a drink or to pet sharks with. (Don’t pet the sharks, please. In fact, for your safety, please just stay out of shark-infested waters.)

Just know you will never look as classy and fashionable as this cat. 

  • Beverages (Water, Gatorade, Other Beverages)

It gets hot and if you’re moving around all day you will really need water. It’s not a good idea to drink ocean water, I promise, so just make sure to bring along plenty of water bottles to keep yourself hydrated. It’s always nice to have gatorade or iced tea as well. If you’re of age and the beach allows it, adult beverages can always make a good beach day even better. Just remember to drink all drinks responsibly and be safe!

I swear to orange juice it’s just God. 

  • Snacks

Drinks are nice, food is better. Pretzels, watermelon, whatever suits your fancy. Don’t eat too much before getting in the water though, cramps are never fun.

*Watermelon slicing cats are NOT included.

  • Frisbee/Football/Volleyball

For the more active beach-goers, bringing some sort of throwing thing is a great idea. If you don’t want to ruin your nice sports equipment, NERF and other toy companies have great lines of balls and such that are awesome for the beach.

Probably shouldn’t play like this guy, tbh.

  • Bluetooth speaker

It doesn’t have to be a Bluetooth, but bringing speakers to the beach is a great idea. It’s an even better idea if you have a pair waterproof ones. Whether the music is for dancing or just chilling, the right music can add a wonderful new dimension to a beach trip.

I couldn’t pick which GIF was worse (better)…

  • Don’t forget the sting ray shuffle!

Something that will ruin any beach day? Getting stung by a sting ray. Don’t be lazy, there are tons of sting rays at some of the St. Petersburg beaches. Don’t get stung. RIP Steve Irwin.

Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting to get from googling “sting ray shuffle gif”. 

So get out there, bulls! Go enjoy the beach and the sun!


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