by Warren Buchholz  

It’s not often that I can walk into karaoke night and find that the entire room is not only sober but also having fun. Not to mention I’ve been dragged to quite a few karaoke nights at some insatiable and sordid joints (I’m saucer-eyed at you, Tampa), so walking into HAB’s karaoke night was a refreshing change of pace.

The set-up was cool with a projector behind the singer(s) for the audience’s entertainment privy to whatever was playing and one in front so the singer(s) could see the lyrics as they sung. And, man, did these folks sing. The best part of any karaoke night is that everyone in the room knows why they are there, so no judgment is ever passed to those who cannot sing. This ain’t The Voice, and luckily everyone knew that.

Everyone cheered in support as the few brave folks got onto stage and belted out the best versions of their favourite songs. And that’s what mattered. It’s hard enough to get up on stage in front of a group of people to do anything. Anything at all. So, to face your fears and sing your heart out, that takes guts.

HAB’s karaoke night succeed because people took chances, and in the long run, that’s all that matters.

Highlight of the evening: Dwayne Isaacs took to the stage with Jerrica Washington to do an awesome rendition of “Killing Me Softly” by Fugees in which half of the room promptly joined in. Good times.

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