Kayla Korpics is an 18 year old indie-pop artist based in Tampa, Florida. Inspired by her parents who were both musicians, she began writing music at the age of 13 as a way of coping with being bullied. Although music was her escape, her music never left her bedroom until she signed up and won a singing contest through the StarMaker app in February of 2015. She had severe stage-fright as a result of being bullied and entered the contest as a way of proving to herself the possibility of gaining courage and self-confidence over time. With no expectations of winning, the contest led her to performing on the main stage at Playlist Live, alongside Tessa Violet, in front of thousands.

“I haven’t heard a song that made me cry like that in a long time…”
– Musicians Wanted on WMNF 88.5

Set List:
• Taboo
• Easier to Say Goodbye
• The Call
• Our Little Home

Find out more at kaylakorpics.com

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