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by Grace Cunningham —

Spring is the time for new beginnings. This year, campus welcomed its most recent addition: Lynn Pippenger Hall, home to the Kate Tiedemann College of Business. The contemporary architecture offers a fresh space to study and socialize. Natural light floods each floor and helps showcase unique design elements.

Marketing professor Michael Luckett, a member of the building committee, organized the repurposing of oak trees removed during construction. Ultimately, the trees have found new life as tables, crafted by hand by a local woodworker, and placed throughout the building’s meeting and collaboration spaces. In fact, the reclaimed wood has been used throughout every floor of Lynn Pippenger Hall, which Luckett said is a demonstration of USFSP’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community.

“It has to be more than words,” said Luckett, who noted that the design for the building strived to be modern and professional – but not stuffy. “We have to be able to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.”

Today, Lynn Pippenger Hall is still in the process of becoming not only the home of KTCOB, but also a home of art and community. For now, you can enjoy your coffee between classes at one of the oak tables and know that the latest structure on campus was – quite literally – built on new beginnings.

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