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Time to make that money: Fast Cash Elevator Ride

Get excited… Connect is debuting its new series Fast Cash where USFSP students will have the opportunity to earn hard cash for their hard-earned knowledge!

Students will be asked seven questions in the parking lot elevators, one for each floor, and will receive a dollar for every correctly answered question.

We’d offer you more, but we’re poor.

So if a blonde woman jumps out at you from an elevator, please don’t mace her, that’s our videographer Bailey Mosley.

Good luck and may the force be with you, the force of gravity that is. Will you be a quiz master? Sign up below…

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No purchase necessary. USFSP students of all ages are eligible to enter. Connect is a student-run media group serving the University of South Florida St. Petersburg community. Connect’s purpose is to inform students about their campus and community in a way that is innovative and engaging. Connect is focused on connecting current and prospective students with each other and the USFSP campus, and serve as a creative outlet to all students.
Agreement to Rules: By participating, the Contestant (“You”) agree to be fully unconditionally bound by these Rules, and You represent and warrant that You meet the eligibility requirements. In addition, You agree to accept the decisions of [USFSP Connect] as final and binding as it relates to the content of this Campaign.

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