Matt Walker is a St. Petersburg, FL native. He attended Eckerd College for an undergrad degree in interdisciplinary arts, and graduated in ’13 with the highest honor (The Spirit of the CRA) awarded for the creative arts curriculum and an honors thesis grade.

He performs and teaches improv and comedy regularly all over the country with The Third Thought, Bitter And, Cliffnotes Improv, and Millennial Fresh. You can catch him playing his music at venues around Tampa (available for listen on Spotify). He has created logos and show posters for various projects (Tight Ship Comedy, Chill as F*ck Show, The Feel Good not Bad Death Laser, Wet Bandits, Scandalous Hands, and many more).



For more information on MW Walker, visit “Half Awake” is available for download and streaming on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and Apple Music.

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