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New Music Friday: Best Picks


by Callie Taylor

Mykki Blanco rarely disappoints with good music. Loner is a chill mix of melancholic beats and lyrics that will make you nostalgic for the less happy nights of your college life. (Explicit)

Let’s be real, you knew there was going to be some indie trash in this post. There always is! I’ve never heard of Fenech-Soler but this upbeat song has got me looking them up on Spotify. It kind of feels like a more quirky and down to earth Cherub song and I’m very okay with it.

It’s electronic as heck and the female vocals are playful and simple. That’s really all there is to this one.

I might be biased at this point. I get really excited every time that JoJo comes out with new music. Like, yes girl. You sing, girl. I don’t even care if it’s awful I will support this girl getting back into music. She did not disappoint. Here’s a soulful song to make you feel empowered and crap on this rainy Friday afternoon.

I love songs that make me want to visit California. I’ve never been but this song makes me want to eat tacos and sunbathe on a crowded beach. Of course, without the gross humidity we experience in Florida. That’s the difference right? The humidity?

I am so used to Phantogram putting out whiny indie crap that this is so refreshing I can barely put it into words. It’s still totally indie trash but it’s got more heart and definitely got added to a few personal playlists.


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