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New Music Monday: The Good, Bad, and Inbetween

by Callie Taylor

For any students who don’t have a student account at Spotify, first of all, you’re missing out. There is nothing more lovely than streaming music without commercial breaks from 7-up constantly interrupting your jam sessions. Spotify has certainly branched out from just being a music streaming service however and they provide several user and company made playlists. Among these are playlists based off of genres, moods, what you listen to, and even just piles of the new music that came out that week. So you don’t have to, I’ve tasked myself with listening to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist to discern which songs are worth it, not, and could possibly be good if you like things like that.

First off, the good pile:

This One’s For You ft. Zara Larsson by David Guetta

I expect this song to be on most pop stations by the end of the summer and probably featured in Sorority ┬ásummer recap and recruitment videos all across the nation. Zara Larsson has consistently good and strong vocals in all the songs that she’s been a part of. Mix her strong and endearing vocals with a song by David Guetta and you have a pretty guaranteed summertime hit. Now, this isn’t discounting the fact that the noise that he uses for the drop is one of the most annoying noises I think I’ve ever heard on a pop-electronic song, but I feel like I’d get used to it once it played about ten times.

She Wants Me Dead – CASETTE vs. AronChupa

This song is good. Just listen to it.

The don’t bother pile:

Me Too by Meghan Trainor

I think her falling during The Tonight Show was karma for putting a song so awful into this Universe. I not only do not want to be you Meghan, I really wish you would stop forcing your music on us all. I’m glad you love yourself, because this is awful and since that one song you came out with like two summers ago about curves or whatever your music has been beginning to suck exponentially.

I Love LA

This song is so mediocre I don’t even know where to start. There’s nothing that made me even consider putting it on the maybe list and it isn’t that it sucks, but I’d never choose to listen to this song again. You might disagree though, listen for a better idea of what I mean

The Maybe pile:

All Time Low -Jon Bellion

It kills me to out this song in the maybe pile, because I loved it. I will admit that it might not be for everyone. It’s got the whiney and electronic instrument sound of Twenty One Pilots but without the veiled suicidal lyrics and more along the subject lines of a pop punk song.

For What It’s Worth by Kygo

Carry Me by Kygo

I put these both on the maybe playlist because I wasn’t sold on either of them, but Kygo has never treated me wrong before and I don’t hate them. They just aren’t AS good as some of the other things that he’s put out. I’d sooner listen to his song with Ed Sheeran from the Hobbit, but I also just love that song.


Side note: Yeah, this is a little overdue but life. Let me know if you guys disagree with any of the lists, or if you loved/hated a maybe song!


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