by Callie Taylor

I have come to the conclusion that filtering through four hours of new songs only to tell you that half of them are pretty awful and not worth your time is an absolutely horrible way to bring you guys new music. Instead, I’m just going to tell you a few of the ones that were absolutely stellar for you to add to your personal playlists. Also, if you’re a fan of Spotify’s personalized Discover Weekly playlist but tired of the fact that they repeat songs all the time check out your personalized Release Radar playlist. It is the perfect mix of Discover Weekly and New Music Friday and is sure to expand your music library a little bit. Now for the music! (Keep in mind I am Indie/Alt music trash and my taste will reflect that.)

Bang Bang by Green Day

I was pretty excited about this one. It’s catchy and energetic and just angst-ridden enough that it isn’t obnoxious. Get ready to add this to that driving or morning playlist that you play when you haven’t had enough caffeine and need an audible cup of coffee. It’ll get you up and moving around in no time.

Cross My Mind by A R I Z O N A

Full of heart and pretty melodies, this song is honest and I while I normally don’t like songs that repeat their chorus like a broken record this was not too bad. It’s simple and relatable.


I do not know enough about the genre to say much about this song other then that I just really liked it. Whoops. Probably NSFW.

Out of My Head by The Griswolds

I almost skipped this song but once you get past the first verse it’s quite catchy. I’ve always considered The Griswolds a grown-up boy band and this song kind of cements that. Still good though.

Never Be Like You by Flume, Kai, Martin Solveig

I’m not sure which is prettier, the album art or the song but this new album from Flume is beautiful and Never Be Like you combines gorgeous female vocals from Kai with an infectious beat that I can’t stop playing.



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