October is Here and So is the Postseason

Finally. The marathon is over and it’s time for games that actually matter. The brackets are set, the wild card games are over (although at the time of this  writing, the AL wild card game l has yet to be played, but it doesn’t matter who wins because…well, you’ll see), and it’s time for predictions from everybody’s favorite JV-level pitcher. 

AL Bracket:

Astros vs. Who cares?:

The Astros are sweeping this one, regardless of who wins the wild card game. They have the best rotation,  the best lineup, and one of the best bullpens in the postseason. Sorry Rays and A’s.

The Astros clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs during the regular season, giving them the edge in the postseason. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Yankees vs. Twins:

This is probably going to be the most explosive series in the playoffs.  Both of these teams’ offensive approaches center around the long ball, but because the Yankees’ bullpen is superior to pretty much every other team,  I give them the series in four games. 

Astros vs. Yankees:

The Astros have such a dominant pitching staff, it’s hard to see them losing any series. So yeah, I’m taking them over the Yankees in six games. The Yankees have a good lineup and a sensational bullpen, but they lack an ace in their rotation. The Astros have three.  Advantage Astros.

NL Bracket:

Dodgers vs. Nationals:

I love the Nationals. They’re young and they have a really good rotation. But man…that bullpen. It’s tough. They had to use Stephen Strasburg as a reliever in the wild card game,  turning to Daniel Hudson to close it out. True, Hudson has had some recent success in Washington, but the Dodgers are too good to lose this one. Dodgers in four. 

Cardinals vs. Braves:

This will be the most interesting series in the postseason. Neither of these teams has what it takes to beat the Dodgers (as you will see), but because the Braves have a weaker bullpen,  I’m going with the Cardinals in four. As much as I would love to see Ronald Acuña Jr. in the NLCS, it’s not in the cards (yikes, sorry). 

Cardinals vs. Dodgers:

Dodgers in five. The Cardinals lack the firepower to keep up with the Dodgers offensively, and as good as the Cardinals’ bullpen has been, I don’t think they can hold down the Dodgers’ lineup. Sorry St. Louis. 

The Dodgers have made the WorldSeries in the past two years but have yet to win it.  They probably won’t this year either. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

World Series:

Astros vs. Dodgers:

Man, this would be pretty boring. I hate rematches. The Astros are the far superior team. Astros in six. The Dodgers’ bullpen somehow got worse in the offseason, and it will show in this series. They may get out to an early lead, but once that bullpen comes in, the Astros will pull away and win games. The Dodgers are the new Bills, and Justin Verlander gets his second ring.

The Astros will be World Series Champions for the second time this decade. Yeah, it’s the boring pick, but it seems like the right one. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoyed October is Here and So is the Postseason?

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