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Outcast Media: A Publication Not Just for Journalists

There are a variety of student publications on the USF St. Petersburg campus, and now, a new arrival believes they have something special to offer: Outcast.

“I wanted to create a new publication on campus that would promote people from different majors,” said Adelaide Green. 

As a sophomore in mass communications, Green said she wanted to elevate student voices who aren’t as inclined to get involved with on-campus publications.

David Seiwert, a biology major at USFSP, said he has not written for a publication because he is not very active on campus.

 “I love to write,” said Madison Campbell, an education major at USFSP. Her problem is that she doesn’t know how to go about contributing to a publication on campus. “If I knew how, I possibly would,” she said.

For others, the reason is simple. “I’ve never thought about it,” said Eric Ulmah, a social work major from USF Tampa.

This is exactly the kind of indifference that Green is hoping to dispel with her publication, giving everyone an opportunity to have their work published while also building resumes and skill sets.

“It’s hard to get started when you’re not sure what you want to do,” said Green. 

Though other publications on campus don’t have rules barring non-journalism majors from contributing, she wants to specifically make these majors the focus of her contributors.

Outcast is also hoping to encourage and uplift students that are considered non-traditional: commuters, transfers, people going back to school at a later age and those who are pursuing degrees beyond a bachelor’s.

Since Green developed the publication a semester and a half ago, membership has grown to six members in total, with eight to 10 people per meeting (including members). 

However, the group has plans to continue expanding as they gain their footing. They aim to primarily be an online publication, with a full lineup of stories published monthly on their site covering a broad scope of topics.

The group will also attempt to create its own Snapchat subscription for consumers, as well as a Twitter with regular polls targeting students and potentially a Tiktok account.

Outcast Media plans to go public with their online publication in the 2020 Spring semester.

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