by Jonah King

Overall Rating: B-

Through seven seasons of Archer, I don’t think I could ever give a season a C or below. If you like the show by the first episode, then you’ll like the series from start to finish. That being said, some seasons are better than others.

This season of Archer brought the team to LA as private investigators and much like season 5 of Archer Vice, Archer and company follow a somewhat linear plot path with an occasional detour. I feel similarly about season 7 of Atv cartoon archer win winrcher PI as I do to Archer Vice. While I mostly enjoyed the season, I find the show more hilarious week to week when the agents are on some ridiculous mission albeit on a train, a blimp, a submarine, or in space.

Each season usually has a few memorable characters and episodes. For season 7, it was definitely the two-part clown fiasco.

The Ending: C+

Can’t go into detail about the ending of the season because SPOILER ALERT, something obviously major happens. Being that it’s a cliffhanger ending, questions about if and when there’s a season 8 have me frustrated. 

Archer and Lana’s Functionally Dysfunctional Relationship: B+

The dysfunction in Archer and Lana’s relationship has been at an all time high in season 7 and carries a lot of the episodes.

The Unsupportive Cast: C+

The brigade of lovable losers including Cyril, Cheryl, Ray, Krieger, and Pam (whom I hate yet everyone ADORES for some reason), have found themselves among the misadventures of season 7, but haven’t really struck a prominent role like we’ve seen in the past. The driving narrative of Veronica Deane has left Cheryl and Pam to occasional hit or miss one liners.

I added the + for the return of Terminator Barry. Though I do miss OG Barry. 

Length of Season: F

I say F because I’m not sure if there’s a such thing as an F-. If you already have an F, what’s the point of the minus? Anyways, 10 EPISODES!?!?!? Are you *expletive* kidding me!? At least give me a two hour finale to make up for the lost episodes. Or to that point, let’s get a live Archer movie! Who do we cast? Former James Bond: Daniel Craig? Google suggestion for Archer lookalikes: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Animation: A+

The animation for the show has constantly improved from season to season and after reading a long piece from the animators of the show, I see it as my due diligence to point out the animation this season is top tier. The stylistic art of Archer is so impressionable, but how the animators make the characters come to life, especially with their subtle movements and gestures has made the show such a great watch over the years.

If you have a suggestion for who we should grade next, leave a comment! Otherwise, you know I’ll be back again for season 8.


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