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Report Card: Captain America The Civil War

by Callie Taylor

Callie’s Card:

T’challa Making me Crazy: A+

I was totally worried when about half way through the film, T’Challa was still hell-bent on revenge and literally getting in the way of anything useful happening. By no means was it not 100% understandable, but the warrior side of T’Challa was completely overruling the King side and it was honestly just frustrating which is why I didn’t dock any points for it. Full points were awarded for the sheer bad-assery of Black Panther. Not to mention the crazy emotional development of refusing to kill Zemo and letting his King side really shine through. I think the MCU T’Challa is going to be mostly about making the tough calls. I hope it will be a lot of fighting to balance the warrior and king parts of him and truly become the king and hero his country needs.

Also, because I loved how they handled Spider-man as well, I’ve given this subject the plus because I didn’t feel like he had enough screen time to have his own paragraph. That being said, Spiderman is my second favorite hero and I almost cried because he was so perfect. He was perfectly nerdy, perfectly still figuring out his powers and strengths and yet getting a little cocky. I loved it. It was like reading his comic. Props to the Russo Bros. The moment where you realize he’s one of the only ones to be able to go against Bucky’s metal arm with his own? Perfect.

Using  Lack of Communication as a plot device: C+

So many of the problems that arose from the characters just being awful at communication. I can understand pride getting in the way and affecting how people react to different news and ideas, but so so many of the problems were because of really silly little communication issues and after about the sixth time that acting on impulse rather than being a responsible adult and talking to your coworkers about a problem caused people to die and a tragedy to happen, I was pretty done. It was so easy for the villian to manipulate them with that and at some point it just got old and annoying. They have so much technology and can’t even manage a group chat to talk about their feelings? You are a team, guys. I’m tired of the plot being that you guys don’t know how to act like one.

No Awkward Forced Romances: B+

There was only one or two awkward references to the weird possible or maybe existing relationship of Black Widow and Hulk. I could’ve honestly been happier if they just hadn’t mentioned Hulk altogether if they were just going to push that weird pairing. Once again, there were a bunch of cute little nods to the budding relationship between Vision and Wanda Maximoff and it didn’t end so well in the comics but maybe the MCU is the place they get their cute happy ending without Wanda losing her marbles. I was always a fan of those two before things went sideways. ALSO STEVE ROGERS KISSING THE GRANDDAUGHTER OF PEGGY IS SO GROSS. At least Peggy was in the ground before you made the move, right?

Those Fight Scenes Tho: A

I had a problem with Avengers 2 that some of the CGI and fight scenes were lazy and I was so worried that the big fight in a parking lot was going to be another dud. I was pretty wrong. Part of what made the fight scenes so great is that they really stuck to what made each superhero themselves. Everyone had their different fighting styles and the attention paid to it in even the huge fight scenes was pretty nice. The fights and action scenes in this movie were pretty satisfying and there wasn’t one that I didn’t enjoy.

Civil War GPA: 3.5, B+

Thoroughly enjoyable and well worth the watch.


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