At midnight, we’re promised a rebirth, a fresh start, and 365 chances to experience something new.

But why is our first thought to change ourselves?

We consider weight loss, quitting “bad habits,” and changing aspects of our identities. We want to be different from who we are, but do we know why we want to be so different?

Thin is in, so we lose weight by healthy or harsh means. We’re too shy, so we convince ourselves to “suck it up.” We scrounge together cash to reinvent wardrobes and spare no expense to alter our personalities and identities.

But what if instead of changing ourselves we resolve to be ourselves?

It takes more courage to recognize aspects ourselves that we find less than desirable. But it takes strength to make the admissions and seek to better our most crucial relationships with ourselves.

Those of us who seek love at midnight know the cliche- you have to love yourself before you love others. Loving yourself is a lifetime task, but you’re that much closer when you treat yourself to perusing a book store instead of binge-watching a season on Netflix. Loving yourself is opening up to what matters to you- hours of sketch, playing with your pet, sharing a drink with a long lost friend, or even spending a night in the bubble bath.

Learn what it is that you love about yourself. Learn to be alone and in love with your company- you. Shape your goals on these discoveries- and don’t just save them for a midnight countdown start (though we admit that fireworks do make the start that much more exciting).

Start your path to recognition, to change, to love with a moment of clarity.

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