The origin of the term drag queen is debated, but it is likely that the term drag dates back to 1870 when is was a slang word for “female attire worn by a man.” There is also a long history of drag queens in South Florida dating back to the 1940s. While July 16th is recognized as international drag day, October is LGBTQ+ History Month.

Thursday, the Multicultural Activities Council (MAC) hosted their own celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month with the Drag-O-Ween Bash in the University Student Center ballrooms. The event included a drag show, food, music and a costume contest.

Photos courtesy of Gavin Jones/Connect.

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It is also important to note the differences between a transgender person, a transvestite and a drag queen. A transgender person is someone who does not identify with their assigned sex, while a transvestite is a male who enjoys wearing women’s clothing. Both differ from a drag queen, who usually dress in women’s clothing for entertainment and artistic expression.

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