We need your content!

Are you looking to contribute to Connect, but you’re unsure of what kinds of content we accept? Look no further! Below is a scrapbook of what inspires us and what we are looking for [in any creative medium (writing, photos, videos, graphic work, audio, etc)] in terms of content.

  • Student Org & Departmental Event Reviews
  • Campus Life
  • Student Success & Experiences (Survival Guide tips & tricks, how-tos, reviews of classes)
  • Arts & Entertainment (movie, concert reviews)
  • Food (how to cooking, reviews)
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Student Spotlights
  • Creative/Artistic Content (poetry, prose, visual 2D art, videos)
  • Comics
  • Creative videos
  • Satire/Humor
  • Informational Articles about the campus or the St. Pete community

Articles that inspire us

Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta!

Images & other content that inspires us

Connect serves as a creative outlet for all students and staff of the USFSP community. Students and staff of the community are encouraged to submit writing, photography, videos, artwork and audio to the Connect team. As the Connect team serves as a student outlet, Connect aims to publish all submitted content. However, the Connect staff still adheres to Connect’s mission statement and values, and so content will be evaluated based on these standards on an individual basis before publication.