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Sink or Swim: USFSP’s Annual Cardboard Boat Race @ Homecoming 2016

by Jonah KingĀ 


Hours before the cardboard monstrosities would meet toxic St. Petersburg bay water, I, Jonah King, was informed I would be sailing the USC’s cardboard boat into the abyss. As a proud sailor whom is not too fond of water or swimming, I dutifully and proudly accepted the nomination as possibly the only person in the USC who wanted to put his life on the line in the name of cardboard boat racing legacy.

As I arrived to the shore with boat in tow, I scanned the competition. It was a deep field, but I was confident I would captain my ship to victory.

Then the race started.

My vessel immediately tipped left. I used the boat next to me for a few moments leverage, but it was no use. The SS Magic was going Titanic, and I was dumped into the bay.

Meanwhile, my lovely team at Connect helped gather footage of the race from the sideline and in a real boat. Enjoy our highlight compilation, even though I wasn’t featured in any of them (you can see me pulling my capsized boat out of the water at :16 seconds).

(Filmed by Jessie Santero & Alan Mansour; Edited by Jonah King)




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