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St. Pete Shines: Third-annual Shine Festival

Photos courtesy of Emily Bowers and Ambria Whalum.

Local and visiting artists painted the town for the third annual Shine Festival this past weekend. Sixteen artists took on 15 walls and contributed to an already colorful city. From Oct. 5-14, artists had less than two weeks to complete their pieces. The projects ranged from small graffitied traffic boxes on street corners, to massive walls muraled like the one outside the Coney Island Sandwich Shop on MLK, detailed with colorful faces and phrases.

This year, Behar Peteranecz Architecture hosted the “Outside In” finale on Oct. 14 with an art installation exhibit were artists were able to hang and present separate pieces for sale. Two murals, one by the Vitale Brothers and the other by Ricky Watts, took up the back corners of the small exhibit. An installation shaped like a dragon’s head showcased projections of cartoons as two musicians played the guitar and the didgeridoo. Food trucks lined the parking lot. T-shirts were being screen printed for sale. A graffitied bus was selling collectible toy figures, and a DJ provided the music while standing beside a volcano installation.

Whatever the art style, the artists participating in this year’s Shine Festival showed their colors. The murals in town show Saint Petersburg’s diversity, progress, and that if there’s room to shine, you definitely should.

2017 St. Petersburg Shine Festival map.


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