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Steadfast in Seattle: Must-see spots for your quick trip to Washington

You might feel overwhelmed with just a weekend to see Seattle, but Connect has you covered. Watch the video above to see five things you can do in Seattle in just a short trip.

Pike Place Market is a marketplace and community in Seattle’s downtown. Pike Place Market is host to vibrant neighborhoods comprised of hundreds of farmers, craftspeople, small businesses like local delis, and residents. Once you’ve had your fill of smelling flowers and fish alike, head to the gum wall to further test your stomach.

The Seattle Gum Wall is located just outside the main entrance to Pike Place Market. Exactly what it sounds like, the Gum Wall is a 50-foot wall of gum that has been getting stickier and stickier for over 20 years. It was cleaned once in 2015, but visitors quickly remedied the newly-degummed wall.

Still not feeling sick to your stomach? You’ve got time for another stop. Check out the Space Needle. At 520 feet, the observation deck of the Space Needle offers panoramic views of Seattle’s downtown. 

Video courtesy of Grace Stocksdale/Connect. Photos courtesy of Grace Stocksdale/Connect.

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