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Taste of Science festival coming to St Pete this week

Eat, drink and be smarter.

The Taste of Science festival is coming to St. Petersburg this week between April 22 and 28. It’s your chance to feast on bite-sized nuggets of science while enjoying the ambiance of local breweries, restaurants and parks.

Most of the events start at 7 p.m. If you have a free evening and $5, you can learn about everything from dolphins, to Antarctica, to the science of baseball.

Here are a list of the events and their locations.

April 22- 7 p.m. at Cage Brewing

Think you know what it’s like to venture to Antarctica for six weeks? It’s hard to imagine. However, USF College of Marine Science student Ryan Venturelli has already been there. She’s coming to Cage Brewing to share her experience studying subglacial lakes.

Joining her is Jennifer Sedillo, director of the USFSP Brewing Arts Program. She’ll be talking about the chemical compounds in beer and how your taste buds perceive those compounds. This is your chance to make cracking open a cold one scientific.


April 23- 7 p.m. at Cueni Brewery

Come learn about one of the ocean’s most playful creatures- the dolphin. Savannah Gandee will discuss her research on dolphin dorsal fins and how taking high-quality photographs can pick up differences in them.

Caden Hjelseth will then talk about the science of brewing beer and how different ingredients affect the flavor.


April 24- 7 p.m. at Chief’s Creole Cafe

Jumpstart your evening with jambalaya from Chief’s Creole Cafe.

The evening will feature USF College of Marine Science assistant researcher Karyna Rosario as she talks about viruses. Where do they come from? How do they spread? How many are there? Find out at this night celebrating diversity in STEM.


April 25- 7 p.m. at Cage Brewing

Batter up!

Come grab a beer and learn about the science of baseball from Will Cousins, director of research and development for the Tampa Bay Rays

Next, listen to Sandra Vernon-Jackson talk about robots invading our classrooms… in a good way! Find out how robots are being used in the classroom to teach students about technology.

Finally, join Joanna Huxster as she discusses the challenge of bridging the gap between scientists and the public.


April 27- 9:30 a.m. at Gypsy Souls Coffee House

You need your Saturday morning cup of Joe, and you might as well have it while learning from three amazing scientists.

Suganthi Sridhar will be discussing CD82, a protein that can prevent prostate cancer from spreading. Peter Westmoreland will discuss the right-handed bias, and how lefties are more often than not, “left out.”

Finally, Katurah Jenkins-Hall will talk about habits and how to break them.


April 28- 9:30 a.m. at Gandy Beach

Take action and give back to the community by joining in on a beach clean-up. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch and something to sit on because after the clean-up there is more to learn.

Patrick Schwing will be discussing oil spills and their impact in Tampa Bay. Then, Cary Lopez & Sugandha Shankar will discuss a toxic, phytoplankton species that recurs in Tampa Bay.


Just a spoonful of science will help the world’s ignorance go down

We can’t all be scientists, but we can all be proactive in learning as much as we can about the world around us. The Taste of Science festival is one way to engage with scientists and researchers in your community to learn more and be better.

Be sure to get your tickets and plan your week so you can absorb as much science as possible.


Enjoyed Taste of Science festival coming to St Pete this week?


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