They are cheap, lazy, and they’ll make your friends groan: 6 last-minute DIY Halloween costumes

1. Do you love Guardians of the Galaxy? Been in your own galaxy and did not plan for Halloween? We have you covered.

Supplies: Twigs and branches + cheap t-shirt + hot glue 

Glue the twigs and branches with hot glue all over a cheap t-shirt and wait until the glue sets. Congratulations, YOU ARE GROOT!



2. Do you often find yourself sucking the fun out of Halloween parties by showing up without a costume? This by-far-the-laziest-costume-ever-conceived may help. 

Supplies: Black pants + cheap black shirt + scissors


Cut a large hole in the stomach area of your cheap t-shirt. Now you’re the fun type of black hole!



3. Do you love horror movies but you’re too cheap to buy make-up and a costume? This economical costume may be for you.

Supplies: Cheap t-shirt + $2 in pennies + hot glue + fake glasses 

Glue all of your pennies to your cheap t-shirt and top it off with some smart-looking glasses. You might not get a lot of laughs with this sorta-clown costume but no one can doubt you’re vey Pennywise.



4. Sexy nurse? Sexy cop? Sexy bumble-bee? How uninspired. Here’s a kinky costume everyone can get on board with.

Supplies: 3 sheets of white paper + Pencil + scissors + lots of safety pins + cheap t-shirt 

Cut the paper into small squares and color them with the pencil in various “shades.” Use the safety pins to attach your squares all over your cheap t-shirt.

Now you’re “50 shades” of fun, and your mother can look at the Facebook pictures too! Everybody wins. 



5. Do you love Game of Thrones? Couldn’t get off of your porcelain thrown to go get yourself a costume? No worries, we’ll “walk” you through it.

Supplies: White pants + white shirt + a four-wheel walker

You get the picture. You’re friends may not, but after all, you didn’t put much thought into it.



6. Are you a piece of trash and never show up in costume? Do you also have a lot of literal trash lying around? This classic lazy costume may be for you.

Supplies: Black pants + Black long-sleeve t-shirt + black ski mask + safety pins + garbage 

Safety pin old banana peels, strawberry tops, or the old skin of any fruit on various spots on your t-shirt and put on the rest of your ensemble. 

This epic “fruit ninja” costume is also perfect for those of us with a little social anxiety, as none of your friends are gonna want to get too close.


All photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

All lazy ideas courtesy of Haley Jordan.

We at Connect hope you have a cheap, lazy and Happy Halloween!


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