by Jonah King

There’s a lot of extraordinary people that do many extraordinary things at USFSP, and it’s been a true blessing of mine to get to meet a lot of them. USFSP offers a unique opportunity to meet and know our professional staff, that the term, “professional staff” sounds pretty tacky. This is our St. Pete family, and just as we do as college students, they continue to grow and develop in their careers, while inspiring ours. We hope this isn’t as much of a goodbye, and more of a, until we meet again. But until that time, you all will be dearly missed.

Niko Walker


I say if you can have these two things in your life, you’re doing pretty well for yourself: love and good food. Often for me, the two intertwine.

Pizza, wings, pasta, all my personal favorites. If Niko makes it, I’m bout it. You can never undersell someone who knows how to cook a good meal.

And just for you Niko, go (Chicago) Bulls!

Melanie Bullock


Melanie has this quality of being magnetic, where young student leaders want to be around her looking for that needed energy and positivity. What makes Melanie so special to the identity of USFSP is that not only she can and will do anything she sets her mind to, but that she’ll convince others to trust in themselves to achieve their own goals and dreams.

If you want to really know about Melanie, there’s at least 50 student leaders on campus who will talk about the energy and joy she brought to our campus. Not embellishing on that number, trust me.

Gardiner Tuck


Better known by his codename “Tuck”. Like Melanie, Tuck has a special quality that few master in their lifetime, he is a great listener. Tuck has always been present for the USFSP community, especially the students. Having someone like Tuck is beyond valuable to grasp and comprehend the student’s voices that don’t always make it to the highest totems of administration. We will dearly miss you Tuck, and wish you all the best.

There’s more staff members and graduate assistants that are moving on that I myself do not have the proper words or sendoff for, but we wish them all the best. If you have some words for a staff member, professor, or friend of yours that’s graduating, and you would like to write a short piece for them to be featured on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cover photo and photo of Niko by The Reef (Sodexo)

Photos of Melanie and Tuck by USFSP Connect


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