USFSP’s Day of Remembrance

by Jonah King 

For the second year today, USFSP will be honoring the lives of those who have fought for our nation, and those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


This year, USFSP will be writing letters to police, firefighters, and EMS personnel, as well as making donations to the US War Dogs Association. Donations needed listed below:

K9 Cooling Collars (Summer Months), K9 Blankets (Winter Months), K9 Boots Medium & Large, K9 Doggles, Collapsible Nylon Dog Bowls, Kong 3” Rubber Balls, Large Rope Chews, K9 Shampoo & Conditioner, K9 Grooming Tools-Combs, Brushes, etc., K9 Nail Clippers, K9 Beds or Sleeping Mats, K9 Toothpaste & Toothbrush, K9 Eye Drops, K9 Ear Wash, K9 Advantix, Flea and Tic Treatment, K9 Salves for paws/noses, Towels to wipe paws, K9 Treats (Made in the USA ONLY)

This event is a collaboration effort by the Student Veterans Organization and Student Government.

Last year, USFSP students Autumn and George sang the national anthem. Video below.

Photos from the 2015 Day of Remembrance which included a twin towers painting session.




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