WD-HAN is an alternative indie rock band based in Tampa Bay, Florida. The band took its original form with Cal Henry on guitar, jamming and writing with high school friends. In need of a name, WD-HAN (“We Don’t Have A Name”) was suggested, instantly loved and stuck.

Released September 2014, Kings of Castles represents a vibrant work not devoid of heartfelt moments. It presents a unique blend of storytelling lyrics, bluesy rock guitar, and atmospheric synths driven home by Campbell’s forthright drumming. Drawing influence from classic rock, blues, pop, heavy rock and even gospel, listeners will hear tones of Imagine Dragons, The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons and The Temper Trap.

You can find more information about WD-HAN at www.wdhan.com

Tiny Office is a small concert video series in the digital media & marketing office of Warren Buchholz ran by Connect (a for student, by student digital content group). We are hoping to broaden USF system students’ artistic horizons by exposing them to musicians, writers, and artists throughout the area as well as push artists’ boundaries and creativity when faced with a restrictive environment. http://www.usfspconnect.com/tiny

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