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What Every College Student Should Do Over Summer Break

S-U-M-M-E-R is officially in order! How are you going to spend these three months? From what I have learned being in undergrad, these months are extremely valuable. You are given so much time to, (yes!) take a break from school, though you will also discover what you need to do to further progress into adulthood.

Clean out your closet 

So you have seriously worn that same shirt every single week. I think it is time for a new wardrobe as you continue to mature in college, no? Stop wearing that Hollister shirt from junior year of high school and spend a Saturday picking out clothing items you no longer wear (yes, even that tank top you swear you’ll have an event for.. trust me – you wont). You have the option to sell your used clothes to the community, donate them to those in need, or maybe toss them if they are ripped and damaged. Reward yourself with refilling your closet with new looks that fit the new you. From boutiques, malls, or thrift stores, there are plenty of options to compact your new wardrobe.

Dive into your major

Use the three months of summer to fully get into your major. How else will you know it is what you want to get your degree(s) in? Get involved with an internship as soon as possible – I cannot stress this enough. If you are having trouble doing so, reach out to our USFSP Career Center,they are pros at providing students with the tools on finding internships. Even if you can’t score an internship, some companies or non-profits are always looking for volunteers. Take some time out of your day to do research on areas in the community that can relate to your studies, they may be in need of help! What’s in it for you? If you show your dedication to the area you are working in, you just might even find a possible job opportunity within it. Make yourself shine.

Get a small summer job! Funds= Fun(s)

Summer is the time to spend money on vacations, new accessories, the wants instead of needs. How can you make sure you have the funds to spend successfully this summer? Get a small summer job! There are infinite amounts of opportunities to snag a part time job this summer if you are looking for quick cash. Retailers and restaurants are the popular two that seem to be always hiring over the summer. It won’t be the best of the best, but it is surely enough to put some cash in your wallet so you can have an eventful summer.

Go on a road trip 

After you start saving some cash from your part-time/full time job or paid internship, take a vacation! You did just finish a full year of coursework, now is the time treat yourself. Gather your core group of friends, pick a destination and whether it is by plane or car, onwards you go to your vacation destination. If you are the one to take a solo trip, use this time to self reflect on your previous year and come up with ways to look forward to the coming year.

Reconnect with old friends

Summer is the time where most of your old friends come back home at some point within the three months. Reconnect with your old best friends from grade school or from your old town. Don’t forget, they were the ones to see you blossom from the horrible puberty days to now. You owe them at least that much to catch up with them over coffee and see what the both of you have been up to. Whether you pull out the yearbooks or go to your secret hangout spot, it is bittersweet to take a trip back down memory lane and laugh at the horrible (but perfect at the time) mistakes you made together.
Get a head-start with graduate school (For the upperclassmen.)

For those of you wishing to go to graduate school, this time is valuable for you to either research the schools you would like to attend to, or for you to study for your graduate exams. Use this time to get everything organized: Grad school visits, study sessions, and due dates of applications and exam scores. This is not something to miss. Given these three months ahead, create a three month goal plan on what you would like to see done prior to getting in your selected grad school. Check out this guide from The Muse– while it starts from August, rewrite it for the month you are wanting to start i.e. May.

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