What exactly is Connect?

Connect is not just a website, it’s a social experience focused on connecting current and prospective students with each other and USF St. Petersburg. With a “For Student By Student” atmosphere, this is the most anticipated student experience at USF St. Petersburg yet. You can expect fun and useful information from current students, updated media all the time, and above all else, connection!

The Connect Team’s primary focus is to find engaging ways to market to students. These efforts include Visual Media, Social Media, Print, and Guerilla Marketing strategies. All marketing efforts are measured and recorded so the Connect team has valuable data to study and present.

Students involved are prepared for real career opportunities through portfolio composition, engagement with campus faculty, and immersion in the community.

The main goal of Connect is to inform students of what is going on in creative ways. 


Mission Statement

Connect’s mission is to keep USF St. Petersburg Students engaged and informed with beautiful content and amazing marketing.


Main Objectives / Learning Outcomes

  1. Produce studio quality advertisements and marketing campaigns for USF St. Petersburg.
  2. Learn how to produce and analyze social media campaigns.
  3. Produce professional quality photos and video highlighting campus life and events.
  4. Produce written content with a “For Student By Student” feel that students can relate to or learn from. Content will be SEO rich and keyword friendly.
  5. Engage with target audience and use feedback to improve marketing efforts.